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With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, multiple industry and products certifications, DGT LIGHTING is one of top OEM/ODM indoor LED lighting manufaurers.  Elevate your business’s productivity with DGT LIGHTING. Click the link below to request a quote today.

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Main Products

LED Track Light

LED Downlight

LED Ceiling Light

LED MR16 Lamp

MR16 Fitting

Main Service


DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD has about 30 years experience for OEM lighting products. We launch new LED lights products every year.


DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD has well train engineer teams for structure design, LED chip and driver determination, product surface treatment and product packaging customization.

Why is LED LIGHTING Trusted and Reliable

With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, multiple industry and products certifications, DGT LIGHTING is one of top OEM/ODM indoor LED lighting manufaurers.  DGT Lighting Co.,Ltd has ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety Management System Certificate, Zhejiang Made Quality Certificate, High-tech Enterprise Certificate, etc.

As a China LED lights manufacturer with a sense of social responsibility, DGT lighting has been serving customers with our own professionalism and sincerity in the 30 years since its establishment. 

We produce wide range of indoor lighting, includes LED Downlight, LED spotlight, LED track light, LED MR16 light source, MR16 fitting, etc. Our customers basically include LED lights importer, wholesaler, distributor, lighting brand manufacturer , contractor, lighting designer or construction company. 

At present, our company has 150 employees, 20,000 square meters production area, which make DGT a qualified china led lights manufacturer. we will provide our best OEM/ODM service to customers, just like our company’s motto: unity, innovation, and win-win. 

Unity means that our company hopes to provide the best lighting products. Innovation means that our company will keep improving our LED light products and service . A win-win situation is that our company believes that only the development of customers can make the company develop well, so our company hopes that customers will succeed with us.

Why To Choose DGT As Your Lighting Supplier

DGT lighting is a led lights manufacturer in china with a history of more than 30 years. Our products include LED downlights, LED spotlights, LED track lights, LED MR16 light lamps and MR16 fittings, etc. The manufacturing philosophy of our company is to make simple products exquisite, so we have been deeply involved in the field of indoor commercial lighting products, which make us have very rich experience in LED indoor lights.

More, our company has a very complete development, testing, production process to ensure that every step is controllable and traceable. In addition, our company has a professional development, production, quality control team to support our process well.

Third, our company invests a lot in production equipment every year, purchases and updates advanced equipment, transforms to automated production, and improves production quality and efficiency.

Fourth, the stable and efficient supply chain that our company has built for more than 30 years makes the raw materials of our products more stable and reliable.

Finally, DGT lighting is a experienced and professional manufacturer of LED lights. Our company makes unremitting efforts in many aspects to satisfy customers. Meanwhile, we also hope that through our efforts, we can create more value for our customers

Quality Control

DGT lighting always puts the quality of the products as priority. Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. 

The company has a complete quality control system, and all incoming materials must be inspected in accordance with the process. 

The company has a experienced quality control team to monitor every production process. All lighting products must undergo 8-12 hours of aging before shipment.


The company has an experienced R&D team who is helping customers ODM products. 

There are engineers in our team who are responsible for product appearance design, mold opening, light configuration, electrical configuration, etc., 

We have ability to provide reasonable solutions.

Production Capacity

There are 150 well-trained employees. Each workshop is equipped with advanced production equipment. In addition, the assembly workshop has 5 fully automatic assembly lines, so that we have a capacity to complete each customer’s order on time.

Inspection Equipment

We have our own testing laboratory which is rated excellent by relative organizations. There are various testing instruments, such as integrating sphere, light distribution instrument, temperature rise tester, high temperature oven and other testing instruments

Supply Chain

Our company has close cooperation with the best LED chips companies and driver companies in the world or China, such as CITIZEN, BRIDELUX, OSRAM, TRIDONIC, KGP,EAGLERISE and so on.

Delivery Time

7 days for sampling. 

35-45 days for bulk orders. 

Certificate and Honor

DGT Lighting Co.,Ltd has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety Management System Certificate, Zhejiang Made Quality Certificate, High-tech Enterprise Certificate, etc.   In addition, we are a council member of China Association of Lighting Industry. Our products have certificates of CE, TUV, SAA, Rohs, CCC and EMC, etc.

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DGT LIGHTING Products Application



Banquet Centers

Shopping Malls

Supper Markets


How to Choose Right LED lights In Different Scenes

1. Shoes, Clothing Stores and Supermarkets

Shoes, clothing stores and supermarkets are mainly for the purpose of displaying and selling products.

The position and quantity of products displayed in the store will change due to actual requirements. Therefore, the lighting is required to be flexible, changeable and able to highlight products.

Generally, we recommend that such type stores to use track lights. The track light can flexibly adjust the light direction. And the number can be flexibly increased or decreased because the method of installation.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to use spotlights or downlights to improve the overall brightness.

2. Banquet Center and Hotel 

In a banquet center or a hotel, the ceiling height will be relatively high, so we recommend high-power spotlights with anti-glare function. High-power, small beam angle COB spotlights can deliver light from the ceiling to the ground, allowing the ground to reach a predetermined illuminance standard.

More, the spotlight can be adjustable, which can let the light be delivered to any position you want, including the desktop, the bar, the wall and so on.

3. Office and Residential Spaces

Most of the offices and home use downlight products. Here we would recommend LED SMD downlights or downlights with wide beam angles because the floor height of office and home is generally not high. LED SMD lamps can not only meet the requirements of illuminance, but also have a higher cost performance. The wide beam angle COB downlights can also meet the requirements, and the effect will be great as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DGT lighting is a China LED lighting factory with 30 years of manufacturing indoor lights.

We has passed ISO9001, ISO24001 and ISO45001 certification. The factory has 150 employees and a production area of 20,000 square meters. 

And we have advanced testing laboratories and perfect quality control procedures to ensure product quality.

More, to compare with trading company, our products can be more competitive in price.

YES. As a led lights manufacturer in china with a professional engineer team, we provide OEM and ODM services. We can assist customers in product design, performance design, mold opening, sampling, and mass production.

Yes, you can. Sample orders are very routine for us. For customers, releaseing a sample order is a very safe way to know our products. Generally, the sample order will be completed in about 7 days, and then it will be shipped according to the customer’s requirement.

First, our sales will contact customers and confirms all relevant information such as the product, quantity, delivery date, payment terms, etc., Then, we will send the PI to you.

Once the customer confirms the order and pays the deposit as required, we will start production.

Before the order is completed, we will notify the customer in advance and send the customs clearance materials or other required information to the customer.

Once the balance is received, we will ship the goods.

Usually, we accept payment term of T/T. 30% T/T payment by T/T in advance, 70% balance before shipment.

7 days for sampling. 35-45 days for bulk orders.

Our products are guaranteed for 3 or 5 years Generally. Customers can choose according to the actual situation.

If there are defected goods, please contact us and provide the pictures and information of the defects. If necessary, please send the defects back to our company.

Once it is confirmed that the defects caused by quality issues, we will make corresponding reasonable compensation

First of all, the most important point is to find a reliable lighting supplier, and then you can find the contact from his company’s official website, such as email, phone, etc. 

Then you can choose the product you are interested in from their official website, catalog or quotation, and then ask them to make a PI for your confirmation. 

After PI confirmation, the customer is required to pay a deposit according to PI to allow the supplier to start production. 

When goods are completed, the customer pays the balance to allow the manufacturer to ship the goods. 

Most but all of them are safe. I must say that China is currently a global factory and the world’s largest producer of LED lamps, but this does not mean that all LED lights from China safe.

Customers had better to choose some large-scale and long-standing companies to cooperate with, these companies have rich experience and are quite professional, and they are trusted partners. . 

Just like our company DGT lighting, it has more than 30 years of lighting manufacturing history, and the factory has an excellent team of 150 people and a production area of 20,000 square meters.

More, we have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has advanced testing equipment and complete quality control procedures

Obviously no. You can figure original country of LED light by the information on the product label. Usually, the basic elements such as the original country is marked on the lable . 

As the world’s factory, China produces a very large number of LED lighting products for export to the world every year. A large part of China LED lighting manufacturers have enough capacity to produce high-quality and reasonably-priced products to satisfy customers all over the world.

No. The data showes large part of LED lights are produced by lighting manufacturers in China so far. 

It’s difficult to evaluate which company does the best LED lighting, but if customers want to find an excellent LED lighting supplier, they can evaluate from the company’s history, company scale, company team, company services, etc. . 

As a professional led lights factory with more than 30 years of lamp production history, DGT lighting has been deeply involved in indoor commercial lighting. With an well-trained team of 150 people, we can provide professional OEM/ODM services.

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