1. Give some tiny free samples or some coupons

by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-05

2. Use the smell to have they come in. If you are a beauty salon, let the ladies' nose find you, if you are a food vendor, let your customers' stomach find you. The power of smell is almost more appealing than visually seeing.

3. Make a little noise to show the traffic in your shop. Hoot and holler in a positive way inviting people to come down and check our location out. Being real friendly and inviting makes people open to exploring what is going on around your area.

4. Plan a holiday promotion or a new ad campaign themed the coming festival. Use a unique promotional event to generate a buzz about your business. How to make a unique promotion? May the innovative formats can earn the eyeballs. Those traditional ways is boring because your customers are familiar with these. If use a new or cool style to show your promotion and the discounted products, it will be more attracted. Such as using a digital flip book or digital magazine, such as in here:http://www.kvisoft.com/flipbook-maker, to themed the coming festival to show the all products you need to promote. Your customers can be interested and sure to flip over the digital page. The cool show appeals them and then they are happy to know your promotional events or products.

5. Design Stores. Use creative display to attract customers. Your display is everything! It is more important than the craft you are selling! How to design:

a. It must welcome visitors and have enough to look at to encourage them to stay, and must be visually appealing from a distance and from within.

b. The entry way should be clean and free from clutter.

c. Lighting - lighting will make or break you. Consider the natural lighting for every place you sell on an individual basis. Adjust your lighting needs accordingly.

6. Manage the money. You will say this is an obvious step, but after the festival promotions as retail operators we can become too involved in the little details of our business that we lose track of our financials. Keep an eye on cash flow and control the balance in the big promotional events.

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