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By Rachel Reilly Release: May 14, 2013 09:13 EDT | update: May 14, 2013 17:01 EDT
Friendly LED lights may damage your eyes, according to new research.
A study found that exposure to led lights can cause irreparable damage to the retina of the human eye.
LED lights are touted as Super
Efficient alternatives to traditional bulbs, since their energy consumption is reduced by up to 85, each bulb can last for 10 years.
In April, Philips, the world\'s largest lighting manufacturer, reported that sales of LED lights rose 38 age points from last year.
They have been widely used in mobile phones, TVs, computer screens, and can also be used as a substitute for traditional lighting in the home.
Led is much more expensive than traditional bulbs
The price equivalent to 100 w is about 25, and the price of incandescent lamp is about 1
Although manufacturers claim that consumers make money by using so little energy.
After the European Union banned the use of incandescent lamps, the government announced in 2007 that it would phase out incandescent lamps.
The 100 watt bulb was the first bulb to be used in 2009, and the low wattage bulb continued to be phased out.
The ban has caused public outrage as customers are forced to spend a lot of money on lighting, which not only gives an unpleasant \"cold\" light, but also causes some to report itchy skin and headaches
The government\'s enhanced capital subsidy program to help reduce carbon emissions in the UK is also driving the use of LED lighting if businesses use LED and other lowenergy bulbs. Dr. Celia Sánchez-
Ramos from the University of Complutense, Madrid, led the study, explaining that the light emitted by LEDs
LEDs, from short-wave, high-
The energy blue and purple ends of the visible light spectrum.
Prolonged exposure to this light may be enough to damage a person\'s retina, she said.
The retina is made of light.
The sensitive organization responsible for detecting light, in turn, let us see.
The problem will get worse, Sanchez said, because humans live longer and children use electronic devices from an early age, especially when it comes to school homework
Ramos said ThinkSpain. com.
The eyes are not used to look directly at the light.
Their design is done with light. Ramos said.
Her comments are based in part on 2012 studies she published in the journal optoelectronic chemistry and Photobiology.
The study found that in vitro, LED radiation caused significant damage to human retinal pigment epithelial cells. Sánchez-
Ramos added that modern people open their eyes about 6,000 hours a year, most of the time exposed to artificial light.
Some experts have called for the construction of LED lights --
Remove blue glare in the filter.
This is not the first energy.
Lighting savings were reviewed for safety reasons.
Compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs are criticized for their high levels of mercury and the UV rays they can emit.
In the Art Gallery, LED lights are also considered to be the reason for changing the tone of the masterpiece.
A study conducted earlier this year by the University of Antwerp found that LED lights were bleaching paint on Van Gogh and Cezanne\'s works.
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