9 best home hydroponics kits

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Water culture is probably more famous for its size.
The scale of the underground city agriculture-or, cough, Volkswagen-
Produce marijuana-but it\'s also changing gardening in the country.
It is easy to see the reason: the growth of water can make people without a garden grow food inside, make a fussfree, mess-
Free year round.
Simply put, the water culture method is the process of planting plants without soil.
In most systems, roots are suspended directly in nutrients
Rich and perfect pH-balanced water.
You can plant a variety of plants such as green plants, winemaking plants, root crops, fruits, herbs and even flowers in the water ploughing system.
You might think: it seems like a big effort . . . . . . Why not plant plants in the soil?
Well, water ploughing plants grow at about 30 cents faster and they usually produce higher yields and you don\'t need to worry about over or under
Watering plants (
Meaning they won\'t die if you forget to water them for a month)
You can grow seasonal plants such as strawberries and tomatoes throughout the year.
Water farming is on the rise in urban areas, but now it is entering do-it-at-
In the domestic market, brands such as seed food room and Ikea provide plug and play kits.
We have tested nine of the best kits available in the UK. The most time-
The consumption part of the growth of stagnant water is set up, there are some important things to consider before you grow.
Each plant is different (A little picky)
When it comes to its ideal growth conditions, also do your research before you set up.
Some kits will do a lot of heavy work for you, such as automatically watering the plants and keeping the lights on the timer.
For more manual settings, you may need to purchase a grow light and a timer.
Most kits provide nutrients and instructions on the frequency of plant feeding, and some are also equipped with a pH reducer as tap water can be a little high for optimal growth (
Plants will still grow if you want to avoid the science part, but it will be slower).
A common problem to pay attention to is algae.
However, this is harmless to plants, there are different ways to prevent or remove it, such as putting your nutrients in a cool, dark place like a cabinet, or refreshing the water, clean the tank.
Once everything is plugged in, it\'s time to sit back and relax.
Contains: 1x0.
5 grams of delicious loofah salad seeds, 100 ml bottles of liquid nutrient growth cycle: about 40 days (5 weeks)
The settings of the three movable cultural trays are very simple, it is very easy to sow and water, the LED light has integrated timer and dimmer function, akarina 01 is the simplest plug-in for beginners indoor gardeners and the play water kit.
It is also one of the most beautiful kits we have tested and can be used as a light in any room.
The starter pack comes with a delicious looseleaf salad and performs well in the water ploughing system and takes about 40 days to grow (
Or less if you like baby leaf).
Young plants only need to be watered once a week.
At the end of the long cycle, or during the heat wave we recently tested, you need to increase the watering time to twice a week-so it needs more attention than some of the other kits we test.
The lights are timed to be 16 hours a day and will get quite warm to touch, but this can be adjusted, turned off or darkened if you want.
Because of the white exterior, the color change of algae is more obvious.
Akarina recommends refreshing the water in the cultural tray and wiping it with a cloth if the water is excessive.
Akarina 01 is the flagship model, but two more are cheaper and equally beautiful.
Including: three seed packages (
Including basil, a basket of peppers, sweet cherry tomatoes)
, Advanced growth medium with nutritional growth cycle: chillis and tomatoes are about 7 weeks smaller than some of the other ones we tested, and grow pod 2 in the seed food room is a simple and affordable kit, perfect for a table or window sill.
The long pods themselves look good.
Modern technology and packaging, 100 recycling.
We like the adjustable LED light, which can be turned on and off, and has a built-in timer, a smart controller, and a seed spacing cover that beeps when it needs watering, it is clipped to the top of the growing pod and will stretch out space as the plant grows.
The kit is equipped with enough nutrients-
The growth medium is injected in one cycle, so you have to buy more (£3. 50)
Another Harvest.
The seed food room claims to be a mess
Free, but we have some spills for growing media and water, so be careful when filling pods and watering them.
Choose from Basil, a basket of peppers, or sweet cherry tomatoes.
We chose tomatoes and peppers, which take about 10 days to germinate and about 5 weeks to grow to 1 feet high.
No fruit sprouting yet (
When writing).
The seed food room also offers seed subscription boxes and a range of different planting packages, including starter packages for children.
Purchase now includes: vanilla seed kit for six pod dishes (
Cilantro, dill, Baili, Thai basil, mint)
, Nutritional growth cycle of the patent: about 1 month/5 weeks
Gro is known for its fertilizers and plant care, so it naturally extends to hydroponics (
Multiple pun.
It offers several different models, but harvest, with 6 pods, a red/blue LED system with timer function and control panel to tell you when to drain water and nutrients, although it is still affordable, it is definitely the elite of this group.
Harvest a kit with delicious herbal seeds, which includes pre-
Sewing plugs featuring Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill roil, thyme basil, Thai basil leaves and mint, planting domes for optimal germination and complete liquid nutrition.
These will need to be purchased again in an extra season.
The kit is very easy to assemble and use: we especially like the adjustable light panel, which can move up and down as the plant grows high
The sewn plug can be put directly into the device, which is very confusing --
Free, as well as the built-in pump, which cycles water several times a day to prevent the deposition of healthier plant roots.
We had some problems with the plug: Parsley and Baili didn\'t sprout at all (
On their website.
Groo says it will replace bad pods for free)
While the two kinds of basil grow faster and higher than the others, they end up blocking the light of dill and mint and hindering their growth.
Basils are also higher than the light panel and are burned where the leaves touch the light.
Purchase now includes: growth medium, nutrient growth cycle: 4-
Recently, the Ikea planting kit has been shown several rounds on Instagram and has inspired a new generation of water ploughing gardeners.
It has enough plugs, growth media and a variety of circulating nutrients, but the seeds are extra (£1. 50 per pack).
Instructions are also provided on how to clean the pumice for reuse.
This kit takes longer to set up when it reaches the flat package (
Ikea after all)
And it must be assembled. you also need to sprout seeds in the nursery box (
Before planting.
Replanting delicate seedlings grown on asbestos plugs can be a bit of a hassle (
Absorb moisture and provide a good foundation for roots)
Without damaging the pumice, enter the basket with pumice.
We found that we did not plant the plug deep enough, and some roots were exposed, which meant that the plants fell down without being able to support themselves.
However, once the seedlings are replanted, things become easier because there is a water level and a funnel that makes recharging easy.
The red/blue LED light means you can grow all year round, but there is no integrated timer.
These plants grow fast and fast, but may become crowded, so it is better to use fewer pots than the eight provided pots and spread them out a little.
Ikea also sells two-tier version.
Including: ceramic planting cycle: different-for example, full-
It takes a few months to grow garlic, and the plants grown for about 6 weeks created by Polish artist and designer Alicja Patanowska are slightly different from the other hydroponics kits we tested
It consists of four different clay pots that can be placed under various standards
The size of the wine glass is ideal for planting plants such as garlic, onions, potatoes, herbs and even avocado, and is also the perfect solution for rooting the graft.
The stem and root can be seen by this growth method, so that the whole process can be observed.
One of the pots can also be turned upside down, making it an ideal choice for budding mini greenhouses.
Nutrition is not provided, but of course it can be used.
There are detailed instructions on the type of plant you can grow and the best way to grow it, but you can also experiment freely and flowers can also work, such as a kite.
You can grow food, but the number is less than other units.
We thought the variety of pots placed on the shelf would look great.
The added benefit is that the dishwasher is safe.
Including: lettuce seeds, nutrients, pH regulation cycle: 4-
6 weeks Hydromerce grow tub contains everything you need to get started with a simple lettuce growth system, which can be installed in just a few minutes and is the cheapest in this list.
What is the lack of growth bathtub (
It\'s really . . . . . . A bathtub)
Its simple design and ease of use make up for this.
It is equipped with enough seeds, Rockwool plugs and nutrients to run five cycles and produce a total of 10 lettuce-far more than any other kit we test.
It is also the only kit to provide a pH reduction solution and test strips.
For optimal growth, the pH value of tap water tends to be a little high, which may impair the ability of plants to absorb nutrients.
Hydromerce recommends testing pH weekly and adjusting as needed, which is not complicated, but it does add an extra step compared to other kits.
There are no lights in the growing bathtub, but plenty of light and warmth is needed, so you need to buy one if you don\'t have the right space.
Pay attention to algae-water e-commerce it is recommended to use aluminum foil to prevent light from hitting the box, which will reduce the growth of algae.
It also recommends that the nutrient warranty be present in dark spaces such as black bags and cabinets, as the combination of nutrients and light can lead to algae growth.
Buy what is included immediately: growth medium, liquid transfer tube bottle containing liquid nutrients, seeds are extra (
Basil, pepper, cherry tomato and coriander. 30 extra)Grow cycle: 2-
3 weeks of coriander, 4-5 tomatoes (but no fruit)
Botanium is a \"smart\" flowerpot that will automatically water your plants several times a day, which means not to overwater or underwater, and not to make a fuss, to grow more.
The tank lasts a few weeks and there is a handy window on one side so you can easily see when it needs to be filled up.
Instead of flooding plants in water, Botanium uses a porous growth medium that retains a large amount of moisture without draining, while also providing an inflatable environment for the roots, means faster growth and more control.
This plant is suitable for vegetables or flowers, but it is recommended that you grow short varieties that do not exceed the container. Seeds (
Basil, pepper, cherry tomato, coriander are recommended)
The extra cost is 3. 30 each.
The seed pack comes with handy instructions on how to grow and maintain, including how much light and nutrition is needed, how long it takes to germinate, and how high they grow.
We grow tomatoes and it will take about a week to germinate, but 1-
2 weeks to sproutSo far (
When writing)
Slow growth-botanists recommend carefully removing all seedlings other than the highest ones to avoid competition and maximize growth and to help plants pollinate after the flowers bloom (
A few months later).
We also tested coriander, which grew faster and performed well in sunny spots on the windowsill.
Plants do not grow with increased light.
It doesn\'t matter in the summer, because there is plenty of light, but if you don\'t have enough sun in your house, or you want to continue growing in the winter, you need to buy a grow light.
Purchase now includes: 6 sewing plugs (
Including 3 lettuce and 3 basil)
, 250 ml bottles of special nutrition growth cycle: 5-
6 week Harvy cultivation box is a collaborative project between Nelson Garden and hemmaodracat, the largest kit we tested, about 80 cm long, with space for six plants.
This is perfect for the windowsill, as the LED light can be fixed on the glass with a suction cup and move up and down as the plant grows.
The kit comes with six sewing plugs made of peat and coconut fiber, which contain lollo rossa lettuce and Emily basil, as well as a bottle of liquid nutrients of 250 ml.
There are a variety of other sewn plugs or empty ones so you can plant them yourself.
The plants are very delicate when they first sprout.
We accidentally broke a stem and it stopped growing, so be careful.
Once installed, the box doesn\'t need water for about three weeks-much longer than the other kits we tested.
However, it is big and heavy, so be sure to fill it up when you find a good place.
Nielsen garden also claims that the box can be used every day for many years and that all elements are recyclable.
Content included in the purchase now: Equipment growth cycle only: 2 weeks (
But no seeds are provided)The EasyIn-
06 system in Hong Kong-
Growgreen is a bench. top, tube-
There is a water ploughing system in the shape of the space of six plants.
The kit can be purchased on Amazon, but unfortunately it does not have nutrition, seeds or instructions, although it provides a demo video on the website to guide you through the setup and growth process.
Kit with external pump (With USB port)
, Which helps to save water and prevent the accumulation of sediment and algae in circulating water (
And nutrients, if used)
Through the tube.
Growgreen recommends opening the pump for 12 hours a day.
It doesn\'t have LED lights so it has to be put in enough sunlight.
The tube itself is double.
Layered to provide hot and cold insulation.
The kit comes with 12 sponge plugs, but it is recommended to put the sprouted seeds on a damp kitchen sheet in a plastic box before transferring to the tube-which can be very tedious.
We decided to grow spinach and parsley.
06 is the perfect environment. -We have completely-
Grow crops in two weeks, which is faster than the other kits we test.
Buy now for ease of installation and maintenance, a modern style suitable for any room in the House and fully fit-
Lettuce grown about a month later, Akarina 01 is our best choice.
For more hands-on experience and Instagram footage, choose Ikea Krydda/Vaxer.
If you want to do something
For free, you can forget the water for a month and the plants are for you.
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