advantages in installing led lights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-17
Lighting Technology is changing.
At present, there are more and more products using LED technology in the market.
More expensive, good quality LED lights are usually placed next to cheap, low quality, brand-free products, which may confuse the customer\'s selection process.
But what I want to write today is the benefits of installing LED lights.
They are mainly designed to save electricity and efficiency. LED Lighting -
Superior Efficiency-
Led is the most energy-efficient lighting source on the market today.
Their efficiency (
The amount of energy converted into visible light)
It\'s an incredible 80-
95%, while the efficiency of incandescent lamps is only 5-10%. DURABILITY -
LED lighting works 10 times longer than halogen lamps and 25 times longer than ordinary bulbs.
The average life of LED lighting is 9 to 15 years.
Impact resistance-
The LED light source has moving parts and glass, and unlike fragile fluorescent bulbs and incandescent lamps, it has the ability to impact and impact. FOCUSING -
You can direct the LED lighting anywhere you want.
Focus light can be built without using the headlights. COLOUR -
Bring more color to your life.
With LED technology, it is possible to realize the light of any color that suits your mood-
At home, in an office or in a factory.
Modules on the market today offer a color palette of almost unlimited light.
Control and off-
After the switch is operated, the LED light is on and off immediately.
Compared with traditional bulbs and fluorescent lamps, the led achieves full brightness in microseconds. DIMMERS -
Led can work with dimmer switches, which is their main advantage over competitors, energy
Saving light sources.
Low heat dissipation-
LED lights release a very small amount of heat due to their high efficiency.
This allows you to use them for objects that are sensitive to thermal radiation, such as refrigerators.
Slow extinction after death
With the end of life, LEDs gradually lose brightness
They don\'t suddenly go out like a bulb, and they don\'t start flashing like a fluorescent lamp. SIZE -
LEDs can be very small and can be easily filled into printed circuit boards.
Save the Earth-
Compared to other light sources, the LED output does not require the use of mercury metal or other hazardous materials that threaten the environment.
They are greener.
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