Aluminium is used in a lot of components today

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-06

Product shipment delays are due to lack of components, especially in the consumer electronics industry wherein demand often increases available supply leading to a rise in prices which leads to bigger problems for consumers and manufacturers alike. The ever increasing population in countries such as China and India have led to a boom when it comes to urbanisation and industrialisation, which is seriously altering the market prices for the rest of the globe. Even automobile manufacturers are expected to begin using more aluminium overall in their components with an expected goal of reaching 16% by 2025; which is double of what they are operating at today.

Although this has been a strain on the global primary aluminium production, it is the secondary aluminium production which comes from scrap metal that is on the rise and enjoying their moment in the spotlight. But they are here for the long run, as most industry officials will point out; and that is due to the many advantages that they have on offer which is backed up by a number of increasing environmental norms in Dubai, the Middle East and Worldwide when it comes to metals production.

Recycled aluminium which is obtained from scrap aluminium collected from the various scrap yards in Dubai and worldwide has many advantages:

They take up just 5% of the resources when it comes to producing refined aluminium with the help of smelters when compared to obtaining virgin aluminium via large arc reactors which consume a lot of energy and leads to a lot more pollution.

Secondary aluminium production also delivers minimal greenhouse gases compared to primary production which can lead to environmental degradation both, during the processing and the extraction of ores.

Secondary aluminium production has well structured channels thanks to the scrap metal traders in Dubai and via the many recycling regulations which have been successfully implemented in the Middle East and worldwide which allows for timely supplies whenever needed.

Scrap aluminium also never loses its properties but is available at a cheaper rate meaning that it gets a green tag and can be utilized to the fullest.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why manufacturers are turning to recycled or the scrap metal industry when it comes to delivering smarter, cost-effective and well designed products. With the current economic climate and with demand on the rise, there is no sign of a slow down for the secondary aluminium production; at least for the next couple of years.

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