An infrared security camera has a set of IR LED

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-31

There are many different types of infrared security cameras. So far we have six different types of infrared security models. Some of those models are IR bullets, IR domes, IR PTZs, IR IPs, IR nannys, and IR wireless cams. Each of these different model infrared cameras have very unique functions, spec, and features. Some models are deluxe while others are very basic. Because of the special abilities of these security cameras you can now, by using a good quality camera, easily secure each nook and cranny of your property, keeping it safe from intruders.

The IR security camera is usually chosen when people need to keep track of events at a business premises or residence where the owner may wish to track blind spots on their property. This is where the biggest use of these precautions is required.

The more common type security camera uses the IR LED array which provides excellent pictures both day and night. Some of the better IR security cameras are more compact and their appearance is also very discreet. This helps to ensure that would-be criminals don't get an inkling that the property is under surveillance.

Good infrared security cameras are able to capture daytime pictures in color while at night they will start taking pictures in black and white. As a matter of fact, as soon as the sun goes down these cameras automatically switch to shooting in black and white.When positioning the IR security camera you must also take into account the weather conditions in your city. You will want to ensure that the elements do not cause reduction in quality of images shot by the camera. This means looking at features such as weatherproof style and also the bullet-shaped camera which prevents damage from the elements.

Dome cameras are also very effective in securing properties that have numerous blind spots (where there is little or no light). The C- mount IR security camera is not such a good option as it requires that the camera be housed in outdoor camera housing; this in turn reflects the infrared lights and causes degradation in the quality of pictures.

Infrared (IR) light is invisible light that the human eye cannot detect; this invisibility is attributed to the fact that infrared light makes use of longer wavelengths than is the case with the wavelength of light from the visible spectrum. Infrared security cameras therefore work on the premise of being able to capture images based on very little or no light. Light levels are actually measured in terms of 'lux'. A low lux rating enables a camera to see better in darkness and also when there is no light at all.An infrared security camera gives you total protection by being able to see in all types of lighting conditions.

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