An online eye test doesn't take the place of a

by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-07

Taking an online eye test regularly can preserve your vision health and alert you when you need to book an exam with your doctor. The key to effectiveness is first, to take the test regularly and keep track of the results; and second, to take the test under the right conditions.

What are the right conditions? Pay attention to these factors:

In any kind of testing, changes in results are the thing to watch for. With a bit of attention to the circumstances of your online eye exam, you'll be able to notice changes in your vision that might signal a need to book an exam with your doctor.

Eye tests are comparatively cheap but if you were to have an accident in your car or bike and it was deemed your vision may have been responsible for the crash your eye sight will be tested. If your eye sight was measured to be under the legal requirement for driving on the United Kingdom highways that could leave you liable to prosecution by the police for reckless driving and your insurance company may decide you are not covered under their terms and conditions leaving you with a large financial problem.

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