Any brands for high end home downlight ?
High end home downlight is the most expensive or advanced in the market. Always "expensive" and "advanced" are closely geared. The product is priced at "expensive" level because the manufacturer invests greatly in raw material, R&D, quality control, etc. All this makes it "high end". A "high end" or "advanced" product is always supported by strong R&D and service teams. You may have no worries about the application, performance and after-sale services.

Wenzhou DGT Lighting Co., Ltd can be counted as an international leader in the field of led tracklight. DGT Lighting's LED lighting series are created based on unremitting efforts. DGT Lightinghanging track lights conform to a variety of security standards for the electric appliance. Its water-proof, anti-vibration, moisture-resistant, and impact-resistant performance all meet relevant requirements. The luminaire is notable for its minimalist design that fits perfectly into every location. The product features strong weather resistance. It is able to hold up when exposed to heat, cold, rain and snow. It generates less heat, which saves money on the energy bill.

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