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With this new release from Capcom promised a bit back to the origins of the series, without ammunition and sobrase palpable fear, besides having a soundtrack accordingly. In the game we have to use teams of two characters, but unfortunately we do not have available a cooperative mode of history.

Most of the game takes place inside the ship Queen Zenobia, and with intent to avoid reading this review you may have some spoiler of the game, not name locations, but I will say the same detail with which you can recognize them at the time if you play.

Among the additions we have the game in this version is the Assault mode, through which we can revisit the game and get add more replayability to the game, plus it here we can play with more people. Let's analyze the game itself.

Section Graphic

Most of the game will run inside the ship Queen Zenobia, which will have areas we can distinguish each other, but never overflow with great detail and takes advantage of the game takes place inside this boat, because in narrow corridors and abandoned cabins thereof is not entering many things that allow it to be detailed, gridded models being what more you can find inside.

Among the locations are greater than visit a coastal area, some mountains and a skyscraper. We might think that in the mountains or in the skyscraper could have a greater visual content to enjoy, but not the case. In the skyscraper not many windows to see the outside and yes the narrow corridors, which will remind you of the ship, marcandote one possible way without much variety of modeling in it. Mountain area, where we have a good time, playing with the advantage of using caves to avoid making complicated models, and when we are outside these caves you will see that we have walls around avoiding modeled to be performed great for those funds.

Resident Evil Revelations

Shadows and light bulbs have nothing to do with each other, and perhaps the easiest place to check that's in front of a broken window that we are in the Queen Zenobia. And we can see our shadows on the wall of the hall, and if we turn the camera at the exact point where it should have the spotlight all we find is the cold, dark metal hull, while the broken window few meters ahead. That is the place in which they note the vagueness of the shadows and highlights of the game, but not the only one.

If you remember, for example, Resident Evil 5, most of the weapons you could see either on your back or in the holster, and when you used the place where you took of thine, this does not happen with Revelations, and although it was reasonable with the 3DS, is a major flaw you have in your home console version. Not true in all cases, but in Jill, that's who we use in most of the game, squeaks see that air takes the knife to use in combat. In the case of guns, we'll see how our character has a gun in the holster always, you are or you're not using, yes, the character makes the gesture of taking, or save, the gun of your site, lying motionless inside the holster always the same model, which is not the Genesis, because in the animation to catch the apparatus still being able to see any left in the holster.

Also we can find faults graphics on elevators, place where the game will sometimes stumble, and in some areas lighting will change the game sometimes reaching to very publicly bother changing illumination.


In view of what we had already found in the latest installment of the franchise, we would expect that in this new release ammunition sobrase we also like churros, and as in some phases such as the skyscraper itself we find ammunition in spades, on the boat we would ever find in a hurry. By this I mean the ammo is scarce or anything, as you navigate the map you will find enough ammunition to kill your enemies, but will that be sufficient, will not end up bursting ammunition (unless you do not use the course) and even if you aim right you may have to switch your two favorite weapons to a new one because you're out of ammo. Thus have achieved a balance between we have ammunition to stop several armies and that we are thinking of going always pointing enemy's weak point or we do not have hardly any ammo, but that balance swings towards the first part of the second .

On weapons you can get, you can have up to three weapons simultaneously and can switch between them with a simple movement on the D-pad (or DualShock arrows), which will choose from among which you get with the character you drive in weapons boxes find the map. In these weapons boxes plus choose three weapons you want to take, you can also improve, although the shape is no longer improvement to which we are accustomed. As you go through the map find modifications to the weapon, both legal and illegal (and even legendary), the latter being much more powerful modifications. The weapons will you collect while playing slots in which you can insert these weapon upgrades, increasing the arrest of the weapon or the percentage of critics, among many other things.

Resident Evil Revelations

Regarding the grenades have a good assortment of different types of grenades, and guns as well as you had was a limit of three, in pomegranates can not occur and carry many types of grenades as you want by selecting them with the D-pad. In addition to throw only need to press the RB and the character directly launch the grenade, giving more similarities with a shooter.

One of the new features introduced in the game Capcom is the ability to dodge attacks, although it has long way to go and improve it. What what I mean? When jugueis, the game will tell you that you have to press A at the exact time of the attack and LT (the trigger that is used to point), but not take long to realize that you can dodge without having to work hard, even unwittingly. And while you point and shoot to move, if you launch an attack and the character are moving straight forward or backwards your character automatically dodge any attack you make. This can be very annoying and takes many scares in the game, because when you attack your character dodge behind smoothly and will not receive any damage.

In Revelations we have a new device that will delight those players who like to look up in the farthest corner of the game if there is ammunition, weapons or herbs, called Genesis. In Genesis we find objects in the environment or analyze our enemies, but at the time that we draw from the Genesis to analyze will be vulnerable to attack. It is a very useful tool to use to find objects around the map. If we use the place any objects near the Genesis we indicated in the lower right corner of your screen, simplifying the search for objects.

When analyzing the enemies with the Genesis get improve the percentage of analysis, which to reach 100% reward us with a new herb, if we are not at the top of herbs, then you keep 100% up we spend an herb, then to take the Genesis obtain directly the grass and the percentage remaining restarts to 0 in order to get more herbs. It is important to state that enemies 'live' more percentage will analyze if the 'dead' and if you look much the same type every time you give less percentage.

One of the things that will hit you is regarding herbs, is that you had that chance before mixing the green grass with yellow and red and their different combinations no longer possible and the game has been decided by the simplistic to just be green herbs and to use them only have to press Y (triangle) to heal. Also you can carry up to six herbs, which can replenish finding them around the map or reaching 100% Genesis analysis.

It is true that in this Resident Evil will not find complicated puzzles, well, really find puzzles that are conspicuous by their lack of difficulty, but they keep the different keys you have to find to get into a zone, which between them are distinguished very easily as opening doors with keys drawn on the door is the type of key you need.

The game has wanted to add the effect of waves on the boat, more or less successful, since in some areas you may wonder where is the pointing your character and where you look, something that does not fit sometimes with the logic. Moreover, just as in the beginning of the game you will see that it gets to be realistically annoying when trying to improve your aim. This feature would be great to be kept throughout your stay on the boats, but not so. At one point in the game, even if you are inside the ship, your looks will not swing and and the effect of waves disappear, taking away the charm to it.

As I said, the game takes place largely within the Queen Zenobia, and try to give as much freedom of exploration that can provide a stage inside a boat. If you do not have the key can not pass through certain areas, or if we have not activated anything, but the game wanted to give us freedom to explore, so you do not have to do it going linear objective lens, and can deviate or back to almost the beginning of the game to open rooms or boxes you could not because you had the right keys at the time. You could say you have wanted to make it as 'sandbox' possibly allowed inside a boat. To support this idea of freedom, as you discover more areas of the map of the ship that you will increase, and at first may seem complicated but you get used to it.

You'll also find some similarities to previous Resident Evil, being direct that nods to other installments of the franchise, one of these would be the broken window winks that I commented, but if you look good you can also find others like a bathtub that can empty ...

The game lacks something very important on consoles today, and is the co-op during the course of the story, which the game was crying, and that at all times you will have a partner with you. Instead we have a cooperative mode called 'Assault Mode', through which we can revisit the game together with our friends.

A normal game Resident Evil: Revelations, ie normal difficulty mode without trying to get all traces (collectibles) that are scattered throughout the game, it can last you between 7 and 8 hours if you play it without dying, if you're those who like to explore and find every detail of the game it will take more than that to finish. In hell the duration of the game increases as it is much more likely to die in this way.

Assault Mode

Under assault as we have a shop where you can buy weapons, upgrades, ammo increases, all completely separate from what we have in the campaign mode. Besides the weapons have levels, and until your character is unable to reach that level you can not use weapons. As we suppose, the higher the weapon, the more powerful and better features will.

Your character will complete quests levels as Assault mode, if you risk to try to get through levels to recommend you have a higher level and get more experience points to spend in the store.

In addition, the end of the level you get four different bonuses, which will give you more money for the store. These bonuses are achieved if you get hurt if you eliminate all the enemies and if you pass the level with your character below the recommended level, the fourth bonus would be the triplet, that is if you get these three together.


Started Resident Evil: Revelations Jill Valentine commanding a BSAA agent every fan of the franchise know, which has been sent to the Queen Zenobia with her partner Parker Luciani to search for Chris Redfield and his partner Jessica Sherawat, the which have mysteriously disappeared leaving behind them only GPS coordinates. In addition, the BSAA has reason to believe that the ship carries within it a new strain of the T-Abyss virus, which is more aggressive and responsible for recent infections.

Just take our beloved Jill to realize that something weird is going on board the Zenobia and will to investigate. The game's plot takes us from within the Queen Zenobia to the mountains and elsewhere, always indicating the time that elapses that part of the story. Although at first it may seem that the plot is simple, does not take long to realize that something is cooking behind the scenes, and although at first the game is telling us apart, no need to reach the end of the game to joining ends you go and be surprised with the plot.

Something that can happen with the story of a game is that if you leave it for days section may forget what had happened earlier in the game, something that Capcom has thought of Revelations, so that when you load a game you get an introductory video with 'earlier in Resident Evil: Revelations ...' and summarizes the story you spent in the previous episodes to which you are. Very useful if you let time between gaming session or you're a little forgetful.

Section Sound

The soundtrack of Resident Evil: Revelations, comprising Kota Suzuki, may not be one that you will stay in the head for being a masterpiece, but that does not mean it is bad by any means. The soundtrack adds the need to want to rush when the game asks you, or even tension, and why not, at times take a shock, as it is very well fitted with the need to make us feel those sensations.

About dubbing must say that the Spanish have a great job of dubbing, so not far behind the original dubbing. Among the voice actors we find a Mar Bordallo as Jill Valentine, Paul Adam and Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat Sandra Jara and Roberto Encinas as Chris Redfield, These are not the only characters that we will, but that we will hear more during the game.

Resident Evil: Revelations is a game that has managed to stand out in their version of Nintendo 3DS, the problem has been move to the big screen without changing important details. And in the graphic note that have done it better, not cinematic sequences, which are very enjoyable to watch and enjoy the graphics, if not with the little mistakes I mentioned above, and that is something that denotes 3DS port that has not had as much work as it should.

Regarding the gameplay is a game that lacks polish this new feature that both wanted to promote that is the elusive, since you just inadvertently dodging. If you want to see the game as a Resident Evil in the old way also fail miserably because the mechanics are very different, closer to the new style of Resident Evil but not wanting to be separated from their roots thus getting even give you one or two scares you out back on the chair / couch while playing.

As 3DS game is a great game, but as game consoles limps a lot, and although it will be a good game, with which you can spend a few hours very fun and immersing yourself in the plot, lose a space largest in our hearts gamer.

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