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by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-16

In 2007, the Australian government began to phase out incandescent lamps. To the present, in the whole of Australia, has largely replaced the ubiquitous fluorescent incandescent.

But David Whitfield has started the countdown for the fluorescent lamp out of a history.

David Whitfield said, LED is expected in the next five years leading commercial lighting. By 2020, there will be more people to buy LED lights, install them in the new house. LED lamp in accordance with the life, even if one day your house demolition, and those LED lights remain.

Rapid development of technology, making the LED light from a simple into a very significant energy-efficient lighting.

But as with many emerging technologies, LED still faces many problems. Non-regulated market leading low-cost low-quality products hit the market, constantly claims disputes. These issues will affect manufacturers focus on the quality of the sincere efforts.

Energy consumption is another significant advantage. David Whitfield said that Australia has at least 50 million T8 fluorescent tubes, if we can use more efficient T5 fluorescent lamps or LED lamp solutions, replace all of the above, will be able to shut down three coal power plants.

According to David Whitfield analysis, LED can only save about 63% of their energy. Therefore, to achieve higher energy efficiency goals must be designed from the drive circuit of the fine start.

LED industry with any one exchange, the inevitable will mention 50,000 hours. Under ideal conditions, the package after the average service life of LED up to 50,000 hours. Of course, the design and the environment will reduce LED life. If cooled properly, the LED is not finishing time is linear fluorescent lamps using double, compact fluorescent lamps is 5 times that of incandescent lamp 50 times.

Means replacement with a long time and the frequency of the LED burn treatment significantly reduced, but also reduces the amount of waste. LED lighting is also a sustainable development one of the reasons of choice. The second important reason is that, LED unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury, as also not afraid of crashing, so the environment is very friendly.

Next, Whitfield will interpret the LED lighting design depth of a few key points to ensure a lasting and reliable LED lighting to meet market expectations.

David Whitfield said that a good LED lighting design has the following three basic points. First, select the appropriate chip. Second is to give safe and reliable drive; third is to choose lamps to minimize light loss.

Perhaps Edison will recognize the great potential of LED lights - not a heavy environmental cost, brighter, almost everywhere in the light of opportunity. For Australia, the global electronics supply chain is expected to play a greater role for high-quality electronic product designers, through their expertise and hard work, will create more revenue.

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