auxiliary motorcycle 3000 lumen led lights by cree aka \"komy lights\"

by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-08
Those who have read my article may think that I am a little obsessive-compulsive in motorcycle lighting and safety.
However, when we have documents such as motorcycle safety injury reports showing that one of the most common accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles is that the driver turns in front of them and violates the rider\'s right of way, I think it makes sense to be a bit paranoid.
So why do I tend to like the bright neon rider I\'m not stylish and why do I upgrade the headlights from inventory to HID.
The last part of the visibility puzzle, and the substantial increase in light output at night, is to install some auxiliary lights.
I won\'t say it here.
I personally think the 1050 inventory lighting of Triumph Tiger is terrible.
Over the past decade, we have five different motorcycles in our garage, and I have ridden many other motorcycles in the short term.
My tiger is the worst when it comes to its inventory lighting settings.
On the tiger rider Forum, the lights are ironically described as \"bright headlights like Ikea tea lights \".
Despite my frustration with the tiger\'s lights and windshield, the tiger is also my favorite motorcycle.
It is very comfortable, the handle is very good, it is easy to ride at high speed and low speed, and has excellent power.
I prefer the power, control and look of this bike to many more expensive motorcycles.
So it\'s time to start farkling and put the lights together to make my favorite journey the perfect choice for night use.
I started reading all the options about improving the lighting of the stock.
Upgrading headlights from inventory halogen lamps to better after-sales bulbs is an option I \'ve tried on my old motorcycle.
This time, I will try the HID kit mainly because it allows me to reduce the power consumption of the original halogen lamp by 20 watts while providing more and better light.
When the auxiliary light is installed, I will use precious equipment that saves 20 am ps.
Next, you need to see which auxiliary lamp to buy.
PIAA and Denali are some big names outside.
There is no doubt that they are very good lights, but they are also very expensive.
Read the forums and search for possible answers on YouTube and I saw a video of Mark Robbins.
I was impressed with what I saw and asked if Mark would send us an article, which you can now read on this site.
Finally, the lights I bought and Mark wrote the Cree lights from Hong Kong.
It is reported that the quality of the product is very high, but the price is about half of all big-name competitive products.
I spent some savings on my HID kit with some money left for beer. (
It is always important after a pleasant day. )
The lights were made in Hong Kong by a man named Komy Kwan.
You will often hear people, including me, affectionately call his lights \"Komy lights\", although he did not label them like this.
I have contacted Komy several times before purchasing, and then before writing this, I also contacted Komy.
He always impressed me as a very smart and decent person who really supported his product.
There are three different motorcycle LED auxiliary light pairs available for purchase. They are;
780 lumens pair, 1,600 lumens pair and 3,000 lumens pair.
Which kind of light is correct for your bike, which is really a personal issue.
The 780 flow light is perfectly matched with your low beam to become an excellent daytime running light.
1600 lumens kit in the face of traffic, if there is no dimmer installed, it will be too bright to use, but when running alone on a road without lights at night, it will send out a lot
The 3,000 lumens kit absolutely needs dimmers for traffic, they are almost dazzling in full light, however, when you are alone on the highway at night, it\'s like installing stadium lighting on a motorcycle frame.
Being bigger as a typical person is not just better. . . it\'s best!
So I ordered the 3,000 lumens LED group with dimmer.
I \'ve included a wiring diagram, but for those who simply bring the light to the dealer to install it, that\'s the essence of it.
When the light is low, the power supply is connected through the dimmer.
The dimmer is equipped with a wireless remote control.
When selecting a low beam, once the appropriate brightness level of the LED is set, you can put the remote control aside.
Put it at home, in the tank bag, or in the pocket. . .
Unless you want to adjust the light output of the LED later with a low beam, it doesn\'t matter.
When the remote light is selected, the dimmer circuit is bypassed and the LED reaches full power.
Don\'t look directly at the light the first time you open these things, otherwise you\'ll see spots for quite some time.
Now, if you have the ability to deal with it and have extra money to spend. . .
The best solution could be a pair of 780 lumens LED paired with a low beam and a pair of 3000 lumens LED paired with a high beam.
Some owners walked this road and were very happy.
However, with only 3000 lumens and dimmers, I was able to get the best night lighting possible and was able to dim those lights to a safe level in future driver traffic.
I installed the lights with a light rack ordered through a local dealer.
The bracket is made by SW-MOTECH.
These lights should be installed anywhere;
Forks, cowl bolts, lamp poles, handle rods, bumper rods, etc.
How to install these products on their own particular motorcycle depends on the owner.
I installed these lights and Yana Shiki HID conversion kit at the local authorized Triumph dealer as my motorcycle is under warranty, I don\'t want to put this at risk by making these changes on my own bike.
For those who pay someone to install the lights, the cost savings between these and some of the other big brands may pay for your installation costs.
So, do they work well? Will I recommend them? YES and YES!
These lights are incredible.
They lit the road better than the high beam lights on our two family cars.
They look cool and efficient.
My neighbor, a very hardcore Harley rider, shouted, \"Holy % & k!
\"When I first showed them to him.
My electrical specialist at my local Triumph dealer installed the lights and he was impressed with the quality and brightness of the Cree 3000 LED.
Their performances are usually shocking because they are so small, but they send out a lot of light.
These lights will make you fully aware, so be smart, and unless you want to get the attention of law enforcement, you can only run in a dark mode in traffic.
However, as a means to remind drivers who don\'t pay attention, anything I personally see is bright or effective for motorcycles.
On a night without a moon, riding alone on a dark road, it feels like crossing a tunnel of light.
Riding in a dark environment I feel is not safe unless I keep the speed around 50 km/h.
Now, I can confidently keep the speed limit on any highway in Canada.
Because of wildlife and other dangers that are hard to see, it is more dangerous to ride at night.
With these lights, the danger has been greatly reduced, which is a good reason for an upgrade for a safety conscious rider.
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