behind red led lights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-14
Red LED lights and other similar lighting sources have become very popular.
I see a sharp increase in the number of vehicles converted using LED lights in the automotive world.
Is it illegal for me to drive the red LED light under my car?
I don\'t want to say that, but they are likely to be illegal.
The main reason is that they are the same color as the lights for law enforcement and emergency vehicles.
This is a major law in most states.
The color of the emergency light used only on vehicles other than emergency vehicles is illegal.
This is the best in my opinion.
But a lot of people forget the whole idea of turning the lights on while you\'re not driving.
Just like at the auto show, or when your car is just sitting in the parking lot.
Or grill from the back of your car.
I also believe that no matter what color of lights you run under your vehicle other than red LED lights, you will be stopped by law enforcement.
Can I turn on the LED light in the car while driving?
Again, all states are different, and this is something that must be known.
You can live and origins in a certain state and travel to a different state, and certain traffic regulations for you will change.
But to answer this question in the area of answer, as long as the other cars outside your car do not see the light, you are likely to drive the LED light.
For example, if I drive on the road and see your led or neons in your car, then they are most likely illegal.
This can be traced back to the last question of what light color can be allowed outside the vehicle.
Summary: So as long as you don\'t drive on the road often and your vehicle allows the use of lights in illegal colors, you won\'t be too disturbed by law enforcement.
You can\'t stop me from doing this because, as I said, each state has a different law, but this is a rough summary of what most of them are going to state.
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