best uses of george kovacs track lighting systems

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-04
Without the brilliance of George Kovacic, the lighting design would not have been like today, where he blends contemporary lines and
The twists and turns of the century have created a new standard of creation.
The Kovacs track lighting system is reflected by the eyes
At the age of 60, he began designing and manufacturing functional lighting products in Brooklyn, New York. Kovacs-
Well-trained designers such as Rachel Simon, Karim Rashid and alcasia Weisner have now applied his signature designs to GK light trail and simple Kovacs, among others
Introduce amazing talent with George Kovacic\'s track lighting options, from minimalist to exuberant rooms.
His monorail kit, track kit, and portable fixed cable system kit can be hung on an arched ceiling, suspended on a monochrome wall, or mounted on bare beams and beams.
His mini pendant kit and flexible accent light kit are ideal for displaying gallery art or architectural details.
Use his etched glass tone or double French scavo tone, and strategically light up the fixed or directional rail head.
Create practical or task lighting with incandescent or halogen lamps connected to swing arms or adjustable lighting devices.
Supplement a specific palette with finishes such as white, silver, Chrome, wire drawing steel or brushed nickel.
The Kovacs track lighting system began with pioneering designers familiar with American halogen lamps, adding depth and drama to interior design in a recognized and innovative way.
Buy them as a complete system or design your own pre-
Assemble or inspire-it-
Make sure to get your creative juice flowing with the kit.
Components such as rail heads and lighting equipment can also be purchased separately.
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