blue led car radio mod

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-23
Change the backlight on the car radio to a project using a blue led.
I originally wrote this on my blog and posted this, which can be found on the following website: The radio is Delco AM/FM that has appeared in many GM models since 19962002.
The buttons and labels on the panel come with many 12 v incandescent backlight.
I originally intended to replace the bulb on the board directly.
Finally, the implementation is a bit different.
I know I need to find an LED with an integrated resistor due to space constraints.
They do exist, but they are expensive and I can\'t find them in blue.
So the best thing to do at this point is to remove the incandescent lamp and stick the LEDs to the panel and make the wires that cause the circuit board to be welded.
For this particular radio, the panel will basically be stuck in the front of the body.
A flat screwdriver can easily pry it open.
The four screws remove the bottom of the body of the two connectors exposed to the panel connection.
These are easy to disconnect and new panels can be removed.
Additional hex screws attached to the board to the panel.
Remove these, and now the front of the board is exposed.
Use some welded Wick to remove incandescent lamps very quickly and easily.
The first picture is the front of the circuit board.
The second image is the back of the panel connected to the board.
The next step is to group the LEDs.
According to the specifications of the LEDs, you can connect them in series with one resistor.
In my case, I can only divide them into three groups.
You can find a website to help you calculate the value of the resistor. (
Obviously, the total voltage is 12 V.
Also, I did not minimize the current on the led.
In theory they will last longer and I really don\'t need them to be so bright.
I installed LEDs on the panel, wired as closely as possible, and kept the power and ground wires together.
The panels are ideal for boards, so it is important to wire them effectively.
A pair of wires connect the power and ground to the circuit board where an incandescent lamp is located.
The picture shows LED grouping and placement.
In order to make the wiring tight, more work was done later.
Blue LEDs and wires are glued together with some silcone glue.
After I solved all the wiring problems, it was easy to install the modified panel.
It is important to ensure that all panel buttons are in contact with the actual switch on the board.
Do this before you recombine everything. :)
There are more pictures and details on my website: and information on how I can add flashing safety lights.
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