buyers guide to using mr16 track lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-15
Lighting rail systems require unobtrusive fixtures and small bulbs to provide the ideal discreet lighting.
Halogen mr16 rail lighting is a newer alternative to incandescent reflector bulbs, which are compact and energy-saving, but not at the cost of lighting.
The MR16 is a halogen lamp bulb integrated with a pressed glass reflector, a standard type of halogen lamp multi-faceted reflector, as well as MR11 and MR8, providing excellent directionality
MR16 halogen lamps are more than 60% more energy efficient than incandescent lamps. Low to medium-
Strength, they are ideal
Retail display lighting, landscape lighting, especially rail lights.
MR16 track lighting provides stage or ambient lighting such as tapered spotlights or extended lighting
Flood lighting.
Choose from a range of decorative finishes such as satin or polished nickel, white line or glass, bronze or brass, Chrome or steel on Monorail, 2 circuit tracks or freedom
The Glass Shield includes small folds, cargo entities, tasks, flutes, flowers, ribs and hand blown Murano on fixing, rotating, transition adjustable, swinging arms or other movable fixtures
The MR16 track lighting features a low voltage of 12V or 24 V, power from 50 W to 75 W, and maintains a longer temperature than an incandescent lamp.
The track can be rigid, can be pendulum, can be joint, can be flexible, can be bent into S-shaped, can be spiral, can be wave and so onbent later on. Buy pre-Assemble or do-it-
Rail assemblies, accessories and optical controls are also sold separately, such as rail heads, connectors, wires, lamp sockets and lighting equipment.
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