Cable Track Lighting - A Do-It-Yourself Project

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-13
In general, rail lighting is a system in which rails for conducting are installed and lamps are connected to the rails.They are usually mounted on a ceiling or wall.However, there is a more modern change for general rail lighting, that is, cable rail lighting.With this type of lighting, lamps from non-Insulated cables and cables with low voltage power.The fixtures can be very simple in style or more advanced and elegant.These lighting systems have a more clever look, especially when used frequently in high ceilings or vaulted ceiling areas.In other words, it is better to use these when the light needs to be lowered to a lower level.The cable itself is actually invisible, which makes the fixture look just floating in the air.Replace the old system with the modern OneMany, the new modeling House is already equipped with these fancy lighting systems, but if you live in the old house, you will not deal with the lighting that is currently in place for outdated dull.For those of you who are still using those old-fashioned hanging catering equipment that hangs on your kitchen or dining table, it\'s time for those to go and dump the garbage.There are newer, more modern lighting equipment, not only affordable, but also energy-saving.Cable track lighting on the market today looks great and easy to install.Many online guides and guides are included in any kit you may purchase.How to install to let you know what happens when you install yourself and there is no reason to hire this task, the first step is to turn off your power.This should be a common practice when you use any appliance.You will start by removing the old fixtures and for that you should need to remove some screws and then you will disconnect the wires that are always color coded.Now that the old fixtures are off, you will have read the direction of the cable track lighting kit and then you will connect the new wires to the existing fixtures.Color-For ease of installation, keep in mind that everything is coded so you will attach black to black and so on.You screw these wires together with a protective cap.You will then push the new fixture to the ceiling and reconnect the screws.Now, if you have to install the cable to the wall, then just find the bolt and install the anchor on the wall by drilling into the wall.Fix the anchors on the wall and make sure they are firm.Connect the lights to the wires, then install the individual lights and fix them in place.If you decide you don\'t like how they look after you\'re done, you can rearrange them at any time, as this is definitely one of the advantages of cable track lighting.If you have any questions about your ability to handle this project, then of course it\'s better to consult your favorite electrician.
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