Can I Grow Lavender Indoors With LED Lights?

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-04
Lavender plant) Hadi in the United StatesS.Depending on the species, there are 5 to 9 plant resistance zones in the Ministry of Agriculture.They grow very well in pots with a well.A soil mixture that is drained and can be preserved as an indoor plantTurn or take outside in summer.Outside, fragrant flowers attract bees and butterflies.Because they like it better.Supplementary light, such as LED plant growth lights, can benefit from sunlight and indoor lavender.Most washbasins are 12 to 18 inch tall, and indoor plants are also good.To ensure good drainage, mix a portion of coarse sand or Pearl Rock into the two parts of the conventional filling soil.Grind limestone every 5-add 1 teaspoonThe basin slightly increases the pH of the soil.Lavender grows best in pots 8 to 12 inch deep.Lavender has low requirements for fertilizer, but benefits from slow fertilizerMix the fertilizer into the soil.Apply a slow-Release fertilizer with nitrogenphosphorus-Potassium Ratio 19-6-12 at a speed of 8-1 teaspoonAn inch pot every four months.Check the fertilizer label to understand the fertilizer application rate of different pot sizes.Led or LEDs are an effective alternative to traditional growth lights for lavender and other plants.They were originally developed by NASA scientists to plant plants in space.Compared to alternative light sources, the led produces low heat and low energy consumption.LED bulbs and fixtures require a higher initial cost, but can cut the electricity bill by half compared to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.The lights also last longer and do not need to be replaced as frequently as before.LED bulbs are available in a variety of spectra that you can mix to meet the specific needs of the plant.Studies have shown that the mixed effect of red and blue light spectra is best when planting plants indoors.Most bulbs should be red (600 to 700 nm bands) and Far Red (700 to 800 nm bands) spectra and 5 to 20% bulbs are in blue (400 to 500 nm bands) in the spectrum.Mixing these three spectra together helps lavender plants grow evenly and prevents slender growth.Alternatively, you can use the fullSpectrum LED light fixtures.In addition to or in lieu of natural sunlight, the use of LEDs provides a strong light of 12 to 18 hours a day.The distance from the plant to place the lights will depend on the wattage of the lamps.Like hanging a 450-Fixtures 30 to 36 inch Watts from the top of the plant, and 240-Fixing of 24 to 30 inch Watts.The heat generated by the LED light is very low and it does not burn if you hang the plant at the recommended height.
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