Can You Replace a Kitchen Fluorescent Light With Track Lighting?

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-19
The fluorescent lighting in the kitchen is well done, but sometimes \"good\" is not good enough ---Especially in rooms as many as the kitchen.Rail lighting can provide more light and flexibility for busy working spaces.Although the two types of fixtures look very different, it is not complicated to replace the new rail lights with old fluorescent lamps.Rail lighting can be connected to the same wiring used for fluorescent lamps.There is no need to replace the wires, it is simple to replace the old fluorescent kitchen lamps with the new track lights.This process is the same as replacing any hard-wired fixture at home, usually with junction boxes, anchor hardware and wire nuts.Track lighting is connected at a single point, so each lamp on the track does not need to be connected.While this is more expensive than replacing fluorescent bulbs, rail lighting is affordable.As of the time of publication, the price of many kits was less than $100.The installation is also simple enough to be considered a jobit-Your own project.Since it does not involve replacing or connecting the wire to a new location, it is affordable to hire a professional to install if necessary.While fluorescent lamps provide the right ambient lighting for the kitchen, there is no way to control the direction of the light or avoid shadows in the working area.On the other hand, rail lighting can be adjusted according to different positions and angles so that the most commonly used working faceIlluminate while avoiding the shadows that people create between the light and the counter.So it works as well as mission lighting.Additional lights can also be installed on the track if necessary, or some lights can be pointed out or at a certain angle to reduce glare.Fluorescent lighting often looks out of date, especially since it was very popular in the 1980 s and 1970 s.The size and style of the fixtures and covers are also limited.On the other hand, the rail lighting has a wide range of styles and finishes that can fit into almost any type of kitchen decor, from vintage to Ultramodern.
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