Canada is probably one of the best places you

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Below are the most favorite hotspot in Canada.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia - This picturesque lighthouse is located southwest of Halifax in Nova Scotia. It is probably the most popular lighthouse in North America. Artists and photographers come to Peggy's Cove just to get a glimpse of this famous architecture.The red and white design gives the lighthouse a traditional feel. The small fishing village of Peggy's Cove has become a favorite destinations of many travelers because of it's unique setting and architecture. The stunning Peggy's Cove lighthouse atop a rocky shore of St. Margaret's Bay.

Lake Louise, Banff - Lake Louise is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, daughter of Queen Victoria. Also known as the 'Diamond in the Wilderness', this glacial lake is famous for it's emerald like water. It is located in Banff National Park in Alberta Canada and has become a premiere destination in Banff. Lake Louise offers fantastic outdoor activities for everyone, take your pick from hiking, canoe rental, mountain climbing, and many others.

The Old Quebec City, Quebec - Quebec is a beautiful city that exudes a European feel all over the place. If you want to go to France yet worried about the financial responsibility that comes with it, then head off to Quebec and be amaze of it's french like city. It's definitely Europe in Canada. Quebec is famous for it's magnificent winter carnival held annually. But wait, Quebec has a lot more to offer than a festival. Visit the Fortifications of Quebec and embrace the history that these protective wall interprets. You don't need to visit China for it's great wall, Quebec has that and other else.

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Who would ever forget the majestic waterfalls? Niagara Falls is always the premiere travel destinations of locals and tourists alike all over the world. Serves as a border between Ontario Canada and New York USA, this serves as a hydroelectric power source for the country. Every Year Niagara features the much awaited Festival of Lights, which features fireworks display and the illumination of the falls. There are lot of ways to get closer to this majestic body of water, the first one is to aboard the renowned ferry Maid of the Mist or take the Journey Behind the Falls.

Whistler / Blackcomb Ski Resort, British Columbia - British Columbia is the home for the largest ski resort in Canada that is Whistler Ski Resort. This huge resort is well known for it's extreme outdoor adventure and winter activities. take your pick form dog sledding to family tubed park, skiing to snowboarding or snowmobiling and the famous peak to peak gondola. There's definitely something for everyone here at whistler!

The Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto - If you want to escape from the usual historical museum try visiting th Bata shoe Museum. It's a shoe heaven featuring charming collections of shoes ranging from ancient, contemporary to modern pieces with over 12,500 artifacts. Located in Raymond Moriyama's world class four-storey building, this Museum is founded by Mrs. Sonja Bata in four remarkable display galleries

Okanagan Vine Yards, British Columbia - Canada is home to fantastic wineries and vine yards. Ontario and British Columbia in particular is the major source of grapes produce in North America with its exquisite world class wine. Okanagan Valley offers a scenic vineyard routes that are simply stunning. The rows of grape vines is a must see! Visitors visiting the place will have the chance to sample a fresh grapes produce or go wine tasting.

These are just some of the best travel destinations in Canada. We all know that Canada has a lot more to offer. Discover all these magnificent places with your motorhome vehicles. RV rentals is your best choice for traveling in your own pace. Stop by a place as long as you want. Camp out and dine beside Lake Louise. RV rentals Canada can give you this experience of a life time!

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