car bulbs: 10 reasons to upgrade your headlight bulbs

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-23
Are you the kind of driver who likes to stand out on the road?
Are you trying to make your car more compelling?
If so, please keep reading as we have 10 good reasons why just upgrading your existing headlight bulb is enough to satisfy your desires!
If, like most cars, your car is equipped with a normal halogen lamp, then upgrading to a HID xenon lamp is a good decision. HID (
For those who want to know what the acronym acronyms means, this is short for high-intensity discharge! )
The light bulb is brighter and more durable, making driving safer at night or cloudy days.
How do they work?
HID bulbs use xenon instead of filaments.
When exposed to high pressure, the gas is ignited and the resulting beam is about 3 times brighter than the ordinary halogen lamp.
Therefore, there is no need to say more. There are 10 reasons for upgrading today: 1)
HID lights are 3 times brighter than standard halogen lamps-
This means that when you drive at night or in bad weather, you get 3 times the visibility. 2)
You know you\'re a great driver, but you need to pay attention to other road users, right?
Increase your safety with HID bulbs so you can\'t ignore them. 3)
Well, they say you should never judge a book with a cover, but the simple fact is that xenon headlights do look much colder than halogen lamps. 4)
HID lights not only look better, but also live 10 times longer than halogen lights, which means spending less time and money in the garage. 5)
When you run your car, they also save you cash because they consume a lot less power than a normal headlight bulb. 6)
You can choose: HID lighting has a different color temperature, so you don\'t have to stick to the boring shades of yellow and white as before. 7)
The color of HID Xenon headlights is closer to natural daylight, which means they can illuminate your path more effectively and safely. 8)
Want to sell your car?
Upgrade to HID lights and upgrade the perceived value of the vehicle to a potential owner. . .
Of course, we should also increase the sales price! 9)
Do you live in a place where the weather is not too hot?
For those who spend a lot of time behind the steering wheel in dark, cloudy, rainy or snowy conditions, HID Xenon headlights are essential.
There is no need to name the country here, but if you live in a place like this, you will understand what I mean! 10)
Many kits can also be used on motorcycles, so it\'s not just 4-
Get all the fun wheel drivers-
Riders can also participate.
Halogen lamps are all fine, but if you want a brighter beam of light, it not only looks good, but it\'s safer to drive at night or on cloudy days --
Then, the HID xenon lamp is clearly the way forward, saving you time, money and running costs.
Don\'t just believe me: HID headlights have to be considered credible, so do some research on the internet and see some cool pictures of cars and bikes that have been upgraded, then find yourself a headlight converter kit-
There are a lot of great deals that make it an amazing cost to change your headlights-
An effective way to upgrade your car.
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