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by:DGT Lighting     2020-04-23

Over the years, the car headlights have undergone earth-shaking changes.They are brighter now.Some of them have a colored light, and in general their beam also has a better point so that your visibility will improve at night.You can see further down the road.You can now adjust the direction of the beam from inside the car.To keep the lights clean, some headlights even have small wipers.Headlights are clearly the focus of technical experts who want to improve various parts of the car.What is causing these changes?With the advent of new technologies, people have invented newer light sources.Once there were only incandescent filament bulbs.Now we have steam lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LED lights, etc.Designers and manufacturers of cars and their accessories have tried these different sources to create better, brighter headlights.In addition to the new sources of car headlights, better materials have also appeared.This means that the housing, reflector and other components that make up the headlights have also been upgraded regularly over the years.Therefore, innovation is not limited to light sources, but even their shells have changed.There are black, blue, red or case in other colors and also chrome case.You can choose a color scheme that suits you.A new type of reflector located behind the light source is designed.Therefore, the projector headlights can be adjusted to guide the beam to where you want it to be.Use different types of lenses before lighting.They provide a better beam of focus.With so many options, you can use the headlights to change the look of the car.If you like car headlights, you will most likely find similar headlights for your brand and model.While trying to beautify your car, it must be taken into account that the headlights are also a safety feature.Therefore, they must comply with certain provisions formulated by the relevant authorities.You can find the latest headlights, http://www
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