ceiling fan light kit - an ideal lighting

by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-03
If you have a ceiling fan but don\'t have the lighting set up, you miss an ideal home lighting option.
If your fan is not equipped with lighting options, you can buy a ceiling fan lighting kit and it looks great to customize your fan in any room in your home.
You can browse the websites of major lighting and ceiling fan manufacturers to find bargains and deals that are not found in the store.
If you do some comparison shopping, you can search for a special one on the fan light kit.
There are plenty of places where you can find a fan light kit that doesn\'t have to pay for retail.
You can find deals on the fan light kit that surprise you and leave room for more home renovations on your budget.
It is quite easy to install the fan lamp kit.
Even for those who think they are inconvenient, installing the fan light kit is simple.
All fan light kits come with complete instructions, including electrical information, so that you can install the fan light kit with minimal hassle and time.
If you buy a fan light kit, you have to wire it yourself and you should start by removing the switch housing cover from the fan.
You then need to remove the plug in the center of the cover plate.
Start feeding the black and white fan light kit wires through the holes you find on the cover.
The board is then tightly attached to the fan light kit to make sure it does not vibrate and loose.
You need to find two wires in the switch housing marked \"for light.
The wires are white and blue.
They are then connected to the fan light kit wires with wire nuts, matching the corresponding colored wires together.
You can use some tape to make sure that the wire nut is not loose due to vibration during use.
Finally, carefully push the wire into the switch housing.
You will then connect the fan lamp set to the switch housing using the screws provided.
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