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by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-08
Mangaluru: the coalition government prohibits the use of light fishing in all coastal areas of the country.
Earlier, traditional fishermen complained about poor catch, and the small fish died from the use of LED lights and fish lamp attraction devices on mechanized fishing boats, including motor fishing crafts. In an order (
Copy with TOI)
The Ministry of Agriculture and farmers\' welfare, the Ministry of animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries also banned fishing in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
Drag outside the territorial sea through a bull or pair.
The order also prohibits the use or installation or operation of surface or underwater artificial lights/LED lights, fish light aspirators or any other light equipment with or without generators on mechanized fishing vessels or motor fishing vessels, for fishing, purse-
Fence and grill operations outside the territorial waters of India\'s exclusive economic zone.
Notice was issued on November 10.
The order will be binding on all fishing vessels operating within the exclusive economic zone of India and their support, supply and ancillary vessels.
The ministry requires the Coast Guard to take the necessary measures to prevent fishing using LED lights.
According to sources, after traditional fishermen, especially those from Goa, complained that their livelihoods had been hit by bullring and fishing using LED lights, the coalition government made a decision.
They banned these activities on behalf of the center.
Two years ago, LED-light fishing began in dakhinakabad.
According to Nithin Kumar, chairman of the trawl Fishermen\'s Association, about 50% of the vessels participated in LED light fishing at night.
In this technique, the light is attached to the structure of the water or underwater suspension to attract the fish to a specific area and then captured with a fishing net.
In this method, it is complained that the seed or small fish of the fish are also caught, which will lead to the loss of fish resources in the next season.
LED light fishing usually takes place between December and February, a season with very few catches.
Mahesh Kumar, in-
Charge, deputy director of the Fisheries Department, told TOI that 65 wallets-
Seiner ships were registered in Mangaluru, of which 50 involved light fishing.
More than 740 registered in the District
Fishing boats and 550 traditional fishing boats.
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