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DGT Lighting Co. Ltd. has served customers through our many LED lamp products for 30 years since our company’s establishment. It is our motto (“Unity, Innovation, and Win-Win”) that encourages us to keep up the hope. If there’s anything we refer to as “hope”, it is in providing various lighting products to our customers.


Until now, our more than 150 employees within the 20,000 square meters production area are happy to serve our customers. At this moment, our customers are everywhere around China.


Our customers don’t only consist of people who work in the LED wholesalers, distributors, or designers. Many manufacturing and construction companies also become our beloved customers, particularly on our OEM/ODM services.

Main LED Lighting Products

LED Track Light

Track lights are generally used in commercial places such as clothing stores, retail stores, supermarkets, etc. 

supermarkets and other places.Compared to recessed lights,track lights can be installed on the corresponding track rail, so they can be flexible.

The power of our DGT track lights can be 10W to 45W. The beam angle options are narrow/medium/wide. Track adapters can be selected according to the market and requirements of single phase/2 phase /3 phase . More, Triac, 0-10V DALI dimming functions or remote control for track lights are available.

LED Downlight

LED downlights are widely applied in hotels, shopping malls, homes, etc. 

The installation method of LED downlight is embedded. The power of our DGT downlight products ranges from 5W to 50W, which can meet most indoor requirements.

Meanwhile, we provide COB downlights and SMD downlights with different powers and sizes, which can be adapted to the different requirements from customers.

LED Spotlight

LED spotlights are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, etc. 

The installation method of LED spotlight is recessed. There are many types of DGT spotlights, with power ranging from 5W to 50W. The beam angle options are narrow/medium/wide.

In order to improve the comfort of the light,many of the DGT spotlights use anti-glare and black light technology to reduce glare and protect eyes.

LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling lights can be used in shopping malls, offices and clothing stores, etc.  

Ceiling lights can be installed on the surface of ceilings, which making the installation methods more flexible. The power of our LED ceiling spotlights ranges from 5W to 50W. The beam angle can be selected from narrow/medium/wide.

LED MR16 Lamp

LED MR16 light sources are most widely used LED lighting products worldwide which can be used in any general indoor place. 

They are mainly used to replace other MR16 light sources, such as MR16 metal halide lamps. The LED MR16 light lamp has a longer life than the traditional MR16 light source and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

These LED MR16 light sources can match with the MR16 fittings,so it is easy to keep current MR16 trim and to use LED MR16 lamps.

MR16 Fixture

MR16 fitting can match MR16 light source. DGT has variety of lighting fitxure of MR16, such as   fixed/adjustable/deep hole anti-glare ones.

Also, they can be made in different styles and patterns. Our MR16 outer ring roughly has openings φ65mm/φ75mm/φ90mm. More, there are also 1 head/2 heads/3 heads/4 heads MR16 trim.

Why should you choose us for your lighting OEM/ODM services?

In the past, we’ve worked with several famous companies in China. When you see our website, you’ll see we’ve cooperated with Citizen, Osram, Philips, Bridgelux, and more. After all, our workforce consists of 150 highly experienced workers in their departments.

The Research and Development (R&D) and the engineers are two departments in our place that work most closely with our nationwide customers. The former frequently help customers with ODM services, while the latter sets the product appearances according to your requirements.

Not only that, our company has a thorough quality control system. We are among Chinese companies with the ISO 9001 quality system certification. Such qualifications exist because all of our lighting products should undergo 8-12 hours of aging before shipment.

Professional Engineering Teams

The final product is not the end of our manufacturing processes. For customers, the final products are something that they ultimately enjoy, use, and assemble. We recognize this need. So, we ensure you communicate with the professionals in the areas.


Our engineering teams are the people behind our LED lighting products. Such products include the best-selling LED lighting products. It is because our engineering teams are responsible from the initial designing parts to the final production parts.


Our engineering teams work closely with other departments in DGT Lighting to find the best-LED solutions for you. Our engineers create and specify the drafts for your LED lamps from the moment you mention your requirements. 


This step is what we meant by the initial designing parts. In other words, our engineers are responsible for matching the products you specify with the room environments.


Our professional engineering teams are also the backbones of every maintenance job. For instance, there are times when your LED lamps keep on flickering. You can contact us with your problems. Then, our engineering teams will take care of the problems.

High-quality “weapons” for many product purposes

You’ll see LED recessed downlights, LED headlights, LED track lights, LED MRI6 lamps, and more on our website. It occurs when you look at the lists of our products. Our product diversity is not the only proof of our commitment to delivering high-quality products to our customers.


We also take pride in our equipment, and we consider these things as our primary “weapons”. The assembly lines are some of our best equipment for producing LED lamp products. Such things include the LED lighting products. 


After all, our assembly lines work automatically. The automatic works are there to cut our employees’ waiting time for each business process they complete. As a result, you, as the customer, won’t need to wait for too long.


The assembly lines aren’t the only things we’re proud of. When you take a look at our virtual factory tour, you’ll see that there is inspection equipment. That equipment is our “original style”, and many organizations and companies have praised it.


We have instruments for testing heat (or temperature) in our inspection equipment collections. The temperature rise tester and the high-temperature oven are two examples of the instruments we use. 


Additionally, we also have special instruments for making the light distributions more even in our products. For your information, we even pay attention to the seemingly small equipment. Even stepladders we use to execute our jobs need to meet certain industry standards. We do them all to ensure your satisfaction as our customers.

Thorough Quality Control (QC) processes

In DGT Lighting, we don’t only equip our personnel with state-of-the-art assembly lines or instruments. Nor that we only rely on our engineers’ and R&D teams’ expertise and work experiences.


We take the Quality Control (QC) processes seriously because we genuinely believe in satisfying our customers. In doing so, purchasing, updating, and transforming the equipment that we already have is not enough.


In the past, we’ve got the ISO 9001 quality system certification. We also have other certifications, such as ISO 14001 environmental management system and Zhejiang-made Quality Certificate. You can also look at the rest of our certifications, such as those from TUV, CE, SAA, and more.


We support our tremendous amounts of certification by thorough examination from the initial material purchasing process. In other words, everything should align with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) we have, including the raw materials.

Our trusted delivery processes

The 7-days average delivery time all around China makes our company the right choice for testing the LED lamp products. Such average delivery time means our limit in shipping the LED products to your doorstep. So, we tend to ship faster than seven days for personal (or non-bulk) orders.


At the same time, we often receive bulk orders since our customers frequently come from LED manufacturing backgrounds. LED manufacturers need more variations and amounts of LED lamps. Hence, they may continually place their bulk orders through us. We ship around 35-45 days for such bulk orders.


The delivery time for our products is definite. It means you can be sure you will get our LED products according to the time processing we’ve set. It applies to both personal and bulk orders.


Our after-sale services don’t stop in only taking care of the delivery processes. You have our service guarantee as a part of our services. It is when you have witnessed that your products are defective. By sending us a picture as your proof, we will re-ship your lamps.

What advantages of DGT lighting products?

We have produced various LED lamps for 30 years. Our state-of-the-art testing equipment, highly experienced personnel, and rigorous quality control processes are our behind-the-scenes powers.


You can see LED product subtypes for many purposes through our product catalogs. For instance, we sell LED spotlights for banquet centers and hotels that typically have high ceilings. We also sell flexible and changeable track lights to highlight supermarkets’ products.


Our highly competent engineers can also help you in customizing your lamps. LED chips and drivers are the spare parts that we often use in handling most of our customers’ requirements. Additionally, we will also give you advice on housing and structuring the lamp products when you need to.

Using proper LED chips

Our company acknowledges at least three different LED chips. These chips are the 3528 SMD, the 5050 SMD, and the 5630 SMD. These three chips have different sizes and brightness outputs.


Some of the examples are the 5050 SMD LEDs that create around 22 lumens per chip. Such capabilities are three times more than the 3528 SMD counterparts. At some points, these LED chips have more than one lighting color. Such things make them the perfect chips for large- and wide-sized lamps.


Our indoor LED lighting products even support more modern-styled chips. For instance, these LED downlights support 2835, 3020, and 3014 SMD LED chips. These chips produce brighter, yet more energy-efficient lights.

For your information, SMD stands for the Surface Mounted Diode. This LED chip is the chip that you will often find in linear LED strips. Many commercial buildings have already applied the SMD chip, and the downlight lamps have become popular, too. So, you can use this ceramic-based chip to equip your LED lighting product.


Another LED chip that you can use for your recessed downlight product is the COB or the Chip On Board. The COB chip has a wider range of applications than the SMD counterpart. Some COB chips can even come in multiple installations.

Using proper drivers: Types of drivers you should know about

LED drivers work in similar manners to conventional transformers. Both of them regulate and supply power to make the lamps keep on running. They also convert the mains voltage to a lower voltage.


Many people think we should connect all LED lamps to the drivers. However, we don’t always need to do the same for the recessed downlight products. After all, many of those light bulbs have the mains’ power supply as their controllers.


In general, there are three different drivers that you can use for your LED lamps. Those three drivers are the constant current, the constant voltage, and the professional drivers.


We determine the ways we use the constant current versus the constant voltage based on the lamps’ need for electricity. So, using the constant current driver is only proper when the lamps need a fixed current. The same also goes for LED lamps that need fixed voltage and therefore should get the constant voltage drivers.


In the past, we’ve had more experiences in applying constant current drivers to downlight products. It is because their abilities to control the electrical current match with most downlights’ voltage needs.


Yet, we also have had our times when we install constant voltage drivers to our LED products. In doing so, we match the drivers with other equipment like resistors.


At some points, we combine the drivers we install with hard wirings and some terminals. Many large-sized retailers and commercial buildings choose us for such a more professional project.


Many retailers, industrial, and commercial building owners prefer LED lighting products, not only because of their diverse subtypes. These lightiing products also “be one” with the ceilings.


Forget about the complicated installation and maintenance processes. Here, in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd., let our professional engineering and R&D teams help you. 


For your information, we’re not only capable of handling recess-mounted LEDs. You can see some of our products by browsing our homepage.

How do we come up with the OEM/ODM services?

Almost all of our customers are either lighting companies or manufacturers whose production activities revolve around LED lighting. Some examples are LED light importers, lighting designers, and lighting brand manufacturers.


Customers who come from these backgrounds need more than one LED product. Such things include but are not limited to, recess-mounted lamps. As a result, taking care of the lamps’ electricity becomes their day-to-day process. These processes are often complicated to do in one sitting.


So, we decided to divide our processes with the companies that become our customers. In executing those ways, we come up with either OEM or ODM services.


We provide the designs and leave the more specific production processes to the company in the OEM services. In ODM services, we take care of the whole process (from the initial design to the final production processes). Then, you can use our products and mark them with your labels.

Contacting the Sales department with the requirements

In DGT Lighting, the OEM/ODM services begin by the customer (you) contacts our Sales departments. You will have to map your company’s needs and browse through our LED lighting products to execute this initial step.


Specifying the dimensions will also help you when you wish to explore more LED products with customizable designs. For example, there are the 6 inches or 8 inches lamps for ceilings above a small kitchen.

Handling the opening molds (Quoted prices, requirements, samplings, and so on)

Molds control the light’s biases around the room. As a result, the part that determines the opening molds becomes the crucial thing to consider. Frequency (or how many are the LED lamps’ opening molds) often becomes the primary factor for consideration.

The opening molds also determine which one of the LED lamp types you need. One of the most evident examples is that LED lighting products have different forms of opening molds.

You should match the samplings with the requirements that you’ve set and the engineer’s designs in the previous steps. Then, you can look at the price quotation.


Not everyone will be satisfied with the price quotations. Hence, you may want to repeat the previous design steps as much as you’d like. It is until you get the LED products that suit your budget. After that, you can continue to the next step, which is the shipment to your company’s address.

Testing the products and arranging everything to the shipment processes

Here at DGT Lighting Co. Ltd., we inspect the LED lighting products before we ship them to each customer’s address. The fatigue test, assembly checks, and torque tests for lighting components are among the processes we do.


Our company has passed two ISOs and some other in-country quality certifications. So, we ensure our testing steps, processes, and equipment fulfill the standards.


Some of the LED testing standards we use before shipping are the IES LM80-08, IES TM-21-11, and IES LM-82-11. The total luminous fluxes, intensity, and the color’s spatial uniformity are among the three elements we test.


We test all of the LED spare parts, even though some parts become our primary focuses. Those focuses are the LED drivers, chips, and light bulbs. Those things become our focus primarily because those spare parts are the highest contributors to the lamps’ lumens.


True to its name, the fatigue test involves switching the LED lighting products on and off several times. We execute this step to make sure the products run according to the average life span standards. We do this testing step after a rubbing test on the label.


The on-site assembly check is a testing step that mimics the actual user experiences. The purpose of this test is to see how you, as the customers, assemble and use the lighting products. We usually use at least two units, except in exceptional cases when we need much larger mock assembly environments.


Finally, we’ll be ready to pack the lighting products and ship them to your company’s address. For your information, you should allow around seven days for sample (or personal) bulbs or around 35-45 days for bulk orders. We ship all around world. 

Certificate and Honer

DGT Lighting Co.,Ltd has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety Management System Certificate, Zhejiang Made Quality Certificate, High-tech Enterprise Certificate, etc.   In addition, we are a council member of China Association of Lighting Industry. Our products have certificates of CE, TUV, SAA, Rohs, CCC and EMC, etc.

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