clear glass tiles for enhancing kitchen backsplash and bathroom

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-19
Clear glass brick is one of the most popular tiles for homeowners and interior designers working on kitchen tailgate, bathroom or pool projects.
Because the transparent glass brick is translucent
You can see that they have a shiny and rich look that opens up infinite possibilities in terms of design.
While the definition of transparent/translucent glass is \"allow light to pass partially or diffuse\", this does not mean that all transparent glass tiles are transparent in a way that you can see, for example, an object or a hand behind it.
Clear glass is the material used to make these tiles, but they can be colored.
There are basically three types of transparent glass tiles: color, color and plain or non-colorcolored.
At present, the most popular in the market is the color transparent glass mosaic tiles.
Tiles are usually made of 4mm to 8mm thick transparent/translucent glass, and they get coating/paint on the back during the manufacturing process, which is the color of the tiles.
Typically, they are available grids installed on glass fiber sheets, or as on-site tiles such as Metro 3 \"x 6\", 4 \"x 4\", 6 \"x 6 \", even 12 \"x 12 \".
The colored clear glass brick is made of transparent/translucent glass, which is dyed during the manufacturing process and then cut into multiple pieces.
In this case, you can see it all the way even if it has dark stains, and that\'s why they\'re not mesh --
Support, otherwise you will see the mesh through the glass even after installation.
Instead, they are installed in clear-faced or paper-faced sheet. Plain or non-
The colored clear glass brick is made of transparent/translucent glass with no color inside.
While the word \"normal\" is used to describe these types of tiles, they are very elegant and easy to use if you want to give a special \"touch\" to the kitchen tailgate, there is a bath or shower in the bathroom.
Because they don\'t have any color and are completely transparent, they match any color from granite countertops to kitchen cabinets and are easy to fit into the environment.
More attention needs to be paid to colored and transparent glass tiles when installing.
Because you can see what is on the other side of the tile, you may see the path of the spatula when the installer repairs the wall.
Therefore, it is recommended to use a white adhesive such as frankincense and apply butter on the back of the tile.
Make sure to keep the tiles firmly on the wall with the grouting float and after each tile is placed to see if there are bubbles so you can correct the problem before the adhesive dries.
Of course, more time is needed for this type of glass brick to be installed, but the result is definitely worth it.
Colorful glass tiles are the most rich and complex tiles.
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