Contemporary lighting is increasingly becoming

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-31

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great contemporary lighting option that is perfect to highlight various areas of your home. Track lighting is an excellent alternative to traditional wired lamps and recessed lighting where traditional lighting is difficult to install. These lighting fixtures can be used in the kitchen ceiling to brighten up the countertop or other dimly-lit recessed areas. Look for the various options to choose a fixture that perfectly blends with the rest of the elements in your home.

Sconce Lighting

Whether you choose a single light sconce or multi-light sconces, you are sure to have a wonderfully lit-up space. Sconce fixtures can add warmth and coziness to a hallway and uplift the mood of your guests. You can also use one of these as a soft light to draw attention to a painting or a sculpture or use on both sides of the mantelpiece to highlight your mantel decor.

Pendant Lighting

Another beautiful contemporary lighting option is pendant lighting. Pendant lights offer focused light and are available in an array of colors, designs and styles to light-up your dining area or entryway. Their sleek design, beautiful construction and finish make them a great choice for the contemporary home. Mini pendant lights are used to brighten-up a work surface or the breakfast bar near the kitchen. They also look great in the bathroom just above the sink area.

Speaking of the bathroom, bath mats are another essential to consider. If you're looking for a quick way to liven-up your bathroom decor, then bath mats are perfect for you. Apart from keeping your feet dry, they are a perfect bathroom accessory to heighten the visual appeal of the space. Bath mats are available in various designs to go with your bathroom decor so whether your bathroom has a tropical island flavor or is styled like a home spa, there is a mat for every theme. Bamboo bath mats are gaining popularity today; they are lined with a soft fabric and are water resistant. You can also go for cotton mats that have no-skid bottoms to avoid slipping in the bath.

Select a mat that looks attractive, dries off quickly and can be easily washed regularly.

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