custom motorcycle headlight upgrades

by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-08
When you want to change your motorcycle headlights, you can often choose LED and HID headlights.
You may be scratching your head right now, wondering what their difference is and which one you should choose.
They all have some similarities, but they are very different at the same time.
First, LEDs represent LEDs.
You may see them on your computer, DVD player or console.
HID stands for high-intensity discharge, which is a scientific term for the case where light comes from an arc.
When you compare them to your normal halogen lamps, you will notice that they provide better lighting.
Halogen lamps are usually yellow when LED and HID lights are clear white.
LED and HID motorcycle headlights save more power than halogen lights.
The first difference between the two is cost.
The initial cost of HID headlights is cheaper than LED lights.
You can get regular HID lights for about $500, while LED lights can cost up to $700.
But the maintenance of HID lights is much higher than that of LED lights.
LED motorcycle headlights can be used for 6 years without the need to replace the headlights.
HID lights may need to be replaced once a year for up to $100.
So if you calculate the cost of using 6 years, the LED light will save you a rough estimate of $400.
LED headlights also have less power than HID headlights.
LED headlights also have dense light buds, which means it can illuminate smaller but brighter areas than HID.
However, HID has a wider light radius and is able to glow further.
LED motorcycle headlights are more suitable if you travel a lot in the city.
There is enough lighting when you are driving on city roads, and the LED lights don\'t annoy other drivers.
HID motorcycle headlights are more suitable if you have been traveling outside.
Outside of the city, the road is under-lit and you need a wider range of light to properly judge the road while driving.
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