Decorating a home in a unified fashion involves

by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-08

Opting for crisp white colors for rugs and towels go a long way toward achieving this contemporary vision. However, perhaps nothing will be more crucial to the style than the usage of contemporary bathroom light fixtures.

The three standard types of lighting--accent, task, and ambient--are all available in a number of contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures, allowing one to easily incorporate all three types of lighting into one unified design.

Ambient light typically comes from an overhead light. Wall sconces can be added to the overall light scheme to add additional ambient lighting and offset the harsh quality of many overhead lights. Accent lighting can be added as well, to draw attention to particular areas of the space or add points of visual interest. Recessed or track lighting are simple, common contemporary bathroom lights that are easy to install and look sharp in any contemporary design. Task lighting also serves a useful function in a bathroom; for instance, angled lamps on the side of mirrors can provide ample light to avoid shadows and poor lighting for personal grooming.

Contemporary bathroom lights will typically be designed with clean lines and linear or geometric shapes. Chrome or stainless steel, which looks brighter due to the light they reflect, are typically preferred over richer, darker tones like wrought iron or bronze. Shades are often rectangular or angular in some other way, rather than the more traditional oval or round styles. Frosted glass is preferable to clear, as it softens and diffuses the light, preventing harsh glares.

It is important to remember that a large part of the contemporary look is its clean, shiny appearance, so regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary to keep these spaces looking bright and sharp at all times. Stainless steel or chrome fixtures can be easily cleaned and polished with scouring powders, like 'Barkeep's Friend.' Regular use of such a cleanser will keep your contemporary bathroom light fixtures looking as shiny, sparkling, clean, and new as they did on the day you installed them.

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