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DGT Led Lighting Products in Taiping Lake Andromeda Hotel


Taiping Lake Andromeda Hotel is located on the banks of Taiping Lake, next to the tourist pier of Taiping Lake Scenic Area; Taiping Lake is located in the center of the golden tourist hotline of "Two Mountains and One Lake" (Huangshan-Taiping Lake-Jiuhua Mountain), with a superior geographical location.


This is a comprehensive hotel integrating tourism, leisure, entertainment, business, and vacation. It is built on the hillside, is shaped by the water, and organically combines tradition and modernity. The hotel has various guest rooms with different styles, and the interior decoration is full of noble and magnificent demeanor. A variety of supporting functions guarantees guests a more comfortable stay.


DGT lighting is very pleased that the LED lighting effects presented are satisfied by hotel owners and customers. The overall lighting design of the hotel is a challenge, and designers have very high requirements for lighting. The lighting effect should not only create an atmosphere of the hotel but also make customers feel comfortable. So we adopted the LED lighting products with the latest design of deep-hole & anti-glare (model: MQ-1215, MQ-1810, MQ-1884, etc.) to achieve this effect.


After continuous efforts, we finally presented the best image of the hotel. We are sincerely glad to be a part of this beautiful project.


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