dimmable led driver with dali and dmx interface for ...

by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-22
Dimmable LED drivers are LED power supplies with integrated dimming functions.It converts AC voltage to DC voltage and is available at constant current and at constant voltage output.Various types of dimming interfaces can be provided: 0-Wireless 10 V, DALI, DMX, and RF/WiFi.The constant current driver outputs a fixed DC current and a variable voltage range, suitable for LED downlights with constant current inputs, LED panels, and LED wall washers.The constant voltage driver outputs a fixed DC voltage and a variable current range, suitable for LED strips and LED bands with constant voltage inputs.You must select the correct drive type for the LED light.The dimming interface refers to the control signal.0/1-10 V and resistance are traditional signals for LED drivers.Today, smart solutions including DALI, DMX and RF/WiFi are becoming more and more popular.DALI and DMX are digital dimming protocols for large lighting projects that require intelligent control.Built-in design for dmx led driversIn the DMX interface that receives the DMX signal and can be controlled by the general DMX master controller, the capacity of each dmx5 12 system can reach 512 lights due to 512 addresses.All lights can be controlled separately or grouped.Built-in design for dali led driversIn the DALI interface that receives the DALI signal and can be controlled by the general-purpose DALI master controller, since it has 64 addresses, the capacity of each DALI system can be up to 64 lights.All lights can be controlled separately or in groups, and the DALI system can have 16 groups.They all have scene capabilities that define light values for the specified group.There are many important parameters to consider when selecting dimmable LED drivers.The first is the power factor, which is a parameter that defines the power that works useful.The second is efficiency, which defines the energy efficiency of drivers.Both are the most important parameters.The higher the power factor and efficiency of the driver, the better the driver.PWM frequency is another important frequency that determines whether the driver has flashing and buzzing when dimming.Normally, high frequencies cause no flashing noise, and low frequencies cause flickering but no noise.
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