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by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-01
While it\'s enough for most apps, this level of availability is not better than blowing out candles, from full lighting to almost instantaneous total darkness.Dimmer swit...While it\'s enough for most apps, this level of availability is not better than blowing out candles, from full lighting to almost instantaneous total darkness.The dimmer switch allows the brightness of the light to change gradually, thus increasing the options available.This is a particularly attractive option when using complementary light sources such as LED tapes.Many customers find it difficult to decide which type/brightness LED tape to buy, and even then they will regret that once the tape is installed they will not be able to change the brightness of the tape.However, including an LED-The compatible dimmer switch allows the user to change the brightness of the LED tape at the time of selection to take full advantage of the practical and aesthetic advantages offered.Using a specially manufactured 12 volt dimming switch or dimmable driver, the brightness of a monochrome LED tape can be changed.In the case of a 12 v dimmer switch, the unit is installed between the LED driver and the LED tape and operates with a 12 v dc instead of a 240 V power supply.The whole unit is usually composed of rotating wall panels and independent remote controls, which can program the tape with a preset dimmer mode and save lighting preferences.Unlike conventional LED drives, dimmable drives are able to manage variable input voltages and adjust their output voltages accordingly, thus changing the brightness of LED tapes.This allows the installation of a traditional 24o Volt dimmer switch before the drive.Both dimmer options are equally valid, but it is important to ask for advice from retailers before using the dimmer switch with LED tape.LED-The technology is not compatible with the conventional dimmer switch, so a low load trailing edge variant is required.These are designed to manage the low energy consumption requirements of the led and to meet its constant current.Color Changing rgb led tape has dimmer settings as part of the normal function.This should be available on the provided controller.After installation, your dimmer switch will allow you to increase or decrease the brightness of the LED tape as needed.This is especially useful when the lights need to achieve a double purpose, as they can be quickly switched between subtle background atmospheres, play an aesthetic role to a large extent, and convert to intense and brightOne of the latest developments in LED tape technology is the dimmer system, which allows the user to change the temperature of the LED.Using a device that is not very different from the controller provided by the rgb led tape, the light can smoothly transition between warm and cool and warm again.This is especially useful for anyone who has not yet decided what color temperature to use.Keep in mind that be sure to use the dimmer switch recommended by the retailer or you may lose your warranty.
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