dmx512 controller for led lighting facilitates smart home ...

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-31
The Dmx5 12 represents digital multiplexing, a digital communication network, and is commonly used to control lights and effects.It was originally used as a standardized method to control the optical dimmer.The Dmx5 12 controller includes the DMX host and DMX slave connected through the bus, the host sends a control signal to the slave, and the first slave can transmit data to the next slave.There are various types of Dmx5 12 data connectors, including RJ45, XLR-3 pin and XLR-5 pin.The host is the DMX console and the slave is a dimmer and lighting device.A maximum of 32 units of slaves are allowed per bus, controlled by one owner, with a maximum distance of up to 1200 m.Receiving data from the controller and outputting a PWM signal to the connected lamp enables the user to adjust by smoothing the brightness adjustment, color temperature, RGB tone.When connecting to the router through the RJ45 port, wireless control can be carried out through the PC console (application) or mobile device.There are many styles of DMX Masters on the market, for example, the keyboard style is a traditional style for lighting controls that require complex adjustments to each color and channel.The simple and easy style of home lighting control is available, such as rotary switches and full touch screens, with simple interface, easy to understand and use.Especially the full touch panel, all the control can be realized by simple touch, you don\'t have to be professional, it is easy to use.The DMX slave device is a dimmer that accepts the DMX control, and you should select the appropriate dimmer for the LED light according to its input type.The AC version is designed for AC input LED lights, the DC version is designed for DC input LED, and the output type of the DC version is available at constant current and constant voltage.For the DC version, an AC to DC power supply is required to supply power from the device.The Dmx5 12 controller is not only suitable for large lighting projects, but also for residential lighting, creating different moods for different environments.
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