LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling lights can be used in shopping malls, offices and clothing stores, etc.  

Ceiling lights can be installed on the surface of ceilings, which making the installation methods more flexible. The power of our LED ceiling spotlights ranges from 5W to 50W. The beam angle can be selected from narrow/medium/wide.

LED MR16 Lamp

LED MR16 light sources are most widely used LED lighting products worldwide which can be used in any general indoor place. 

They are mainly used to replace other MR16 light sources, such as MR16 metal halide lamps. The LED MR16 light lamp has a longer life than the traditional MR16 light source and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

These LED MR16 light sources can match with the MR16 fittings,so it is easy to keep current MR16 trim and to use LED MR16 lamps.

MR16 Fixture

MR16 fitting can match MR16 light source. DGT has variety of lighting fitxure of MR16, such as   fixed/adjustable/deep hole anti-glare ones.

Also, they can be made in different styles and patterns. Our MR16 outer ring roughly has openings φ65mm/φ75mm/φ90mm. More, there are also 1 head/2 heads/3 heads/4 heads MR16 trim.

LED Track Light

Track lights are generally used in commercial places such as clothing stores, retail stores, supermarkets, etc. 

supermarkets and other places.Compared to recessed lights,track lights can be installed on the corresponding track rail, so they can be flexible.

The power of our DGT track lights can be 10W to 45W. The beam angle options are narrow/medium/wide. Track adapters can be selected according to the market and requirements of single phase/2 phase /3 phase . More, Triac, 0-10V DALI dimming functions or remote control for track lights are available.

LED Downlight

LED downlights are widely applied in hotels, shopping malls, homes, etc. 

The installation method of LED downlight is embedded. The power of our DGT downlight products ranges from 5W to 50W, which can meet most indoor requirements.

Meanwhile, we provide COB downlights and SMD downlights with different powers and sizes, which can be adapted to the different requirements from customers.

LED Spotlight

LED spotlights are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, etc. 

The installation method of LED spotlight is recessed. There are many types of DGT spotlights, with power ranging from 5W to 50W. The beam angle options are narrow/medium/wide.

In order to improve the comfort of the light,many of the DGT spotlights use anti-glare and black light technology to reduce glare and protect eyes.

How many do you konw about LED shop lights?

The commercial shop lights LED may not be the primary part of every retail shop and merchandise store. Nonetheless, different shades and colors of LED shop lights collection play pivotal parts in attracting more customers to your shop.

First of all, they focus their attention on your stores, even though other stores nearby also sell the things the customers need. Then, the LED shop lights collection will create psychological impacts on the customers based on their color temperatures or CCTs.

We have lots of LED commercial shop lights for sale here in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd. These FAQs about the LED commercial shop lighting collection will guide you through the things you need to know in completing your LED shop lights collection. You will also have the pictures of what are the best-LED commercial shop lights in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd. that you need to purchase next.

What kinds of lighting do we need to use in various shopping places?

Here at DGT Lighting, we have thousands of clients who work in the lighting, retail, and merchandise industries, including (but not limited to) lighting retailers and wholesalers.

Hence, we recognize that we cannot use the one-size-fits-all measurement for the needs of bright and modern LED shop lights in diverse types of retail stores. Even small-sized shops on the road and large-sized supermarkets will need different LED shop lights collection products, not only because of their diverse area sizes and dimensions.

People can use track lights and spotlights in both supermarkets and small stores. Both types of LED light have adjustable angles. In particular, some additional spotlights will add lighting intensities to that particular place.

Understanding the needs for track lights and spotlight LED products

Track lights and spotlights become the two most popular LED shop lights collection products for different stores for their ability to adjust the lighting angles. However, they are different in that different store settings should use track lights and spotlights in different situations.

A modern spotlight LED shop light product is generally for highlighting several important products in a store. For example, there is the super-bright LED spotlight shop collections that highlight best-selling or newcomer products in stores and supermarkets.

However, spotlights alone are sometimes not enough to “organize” the lights. We meant focusing the lights through the specific intended direction when we state things like “organizing the lights”. So, we need to adjust the track lights on their respective trail rails and adapters. 

We can see some examples of the track lights products on our official website in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd. There, we’ll see that the track light products have single-lined trails regardless of how long or short the trails are, or how many LED lightbulbs are included in the track light products.

So, we typically recommend track lights for any stores that require lots of space for displaying the products to the customers. After all, track lights as some of our best-selling LED shop lights collection products are easy to install, add, or decrease the amounts, depending on how many products and product groups you need to show to your customers.

At the same time, these stores also need spotlights as additional LED products to the existing track lights. These LED shop lights collection products tend to be high-powered and able to deliver lighting from the ceilings to the grounds. 

Often, our customers adjust the spotlights to the wall parts of their stores. We take pride in the light biases of our LED shop lights collection products, as they are non-hurtful to the eyes and they add colors to the track lights. 

Another thing about spotlight LED products are that they can be mounted on high ceilings, like their track light counterparts. Some of our customers add dangling colorful pendants to their lighting decorations to maximize the performance in specific spaces for conducting specific tasks or purposes, such as the cashier counters. 

We refer to such lighting purposes as the task lighting purposes. After this section, we will discuss the different LED shop lights collection products we provide here in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd. and how we can help to fulfill your requirements through our diverse lighting products.

The different LED shop light products in DGT Lighting Co. Ltd.

In DGT Lighting Co. Ltd., most of our customers come from the lighting company backgrounds. These lighting designers, wholesalers, supermarkets, and other lighting-related workers often need different LED shop lights collection products. Hence, it drives us to create and customize many LED shop lights collection products.

Track lights and spotlights are our two most popular indoor LED shop light products since many stores and supermarkets are using them. At some points, stores that sell clothing apparel or imported products also often order downlight products from us.


A store owner’s purpose in filling the gaps is to create a comfortable environment for all customers. Track lights or spotlights alone are not enough in serving such a purpose. Panel lights with their many color gradations often become the indoor-typed LED lights for a shop that become nice additions to the track light and spotlight types.

There are times when a store or a supermarket owner simply doesn’t allocate budgets to panel lights. In such cases, we also provide the linear light products as the products that mostly belong to the indoor LED shop lights. 

The linear LED shop lights collection products are similar to their panel counterparts in ways that both of them complement the adjustable track lights that become the primary lighting focus in many stores. However, their straight-line shapes make them less flexible than panel lights. We also see lighter color hues and gradations in linear LED products.

All shops and stores have warehouses to store used items that customers don’t buy often or to store items that are yet to come. At such times, store staff who guard the warehouse should be able to see the inside and the outside parts of the warehouse. 

We provide lots of super bright warehouse LED shop lights for sale to accommodate such needs for our customers’ store warehouses. We also provide fixtures for each of our LED shop lights collection products. We will talk more about each commercial LED shop light in our catalog in the next part of this article.

Track lights are the LED shop lights collection products that emit lights from different angles. Their overall lengthy shape and their electricity needs make us more convenient in finding them in large-sized supermarkets.

Their super-bright lumens make them almost on par with their spotlight counterparts. Nonetheless, one of the noticeable differences between these super-bright LED shop light products with the indoor spotlight LED products lies in the flexibility. Track rails are flexible to be installed, but they are not adjustable.

At first, track lights are like a surveillance camera. Hence, these types of LED shop lighting products increase the safety rates of a store, particularly stores with worldly presences like Farmer’s Market. We can also increase or decrease the flexibility levels depending on where we want to install the indoor track LED lights for our shops

Our track light comes with different power settings, dimmable systems, and wiring versus phasing systems. You can choose from our extensive LED shop lights collection products to determine which track lights are the best indoor LED shop lights for you.

Both spotlights and downlights can distribute lights through different angles. We can also see both of these LED shop lights collection products in various stores and supermarkets. Even so, these two super-bright LED shop lights are different in the ways the lights highlight the store’s products.

The most evident thing about spotlight products is that these lights have more focused lighting angles than their downlight counterparts. Many of the spotlight products in our company have two or three light-emitting sources in one line of the LED light product. Some spotlights even come with four light-emitting sources in one product.

Unlike track lights that require us to adjust the rails to adjust the lights, we don’t need to do the same for spotlights. All we need to do is to adjust the lightbulbs according to the manuals. We can also activate the anti-glare and the beam angle options of our spotlight products when we need to.

On the other side, downlights can also come in three to four bulbs in one dimmable indoor LED shop light product. Furthermore, we can also make our downlight products surface-mounted, which lets them function like their track light counterparts in our LED shop lights collection products.

Another downlight variation we have as our indoor LED lights shop collections is the ceiling-mounted downlights. These downlights often emit lights in flexible directions, yet they are safer from thieves since they are harder to turn off and reach out to.

At first glance, panel lights are the small-sized LED shop lights collection products whose function is to create a comfortable environment for customers to stay and browse inside a shop. Meanwhile, linear lights are lights that fill in the ceiling’s gaps through their consistent line-shaped lights.

Panel lights belong to some types of round-shaped dimmable LED shop downlights. We sell some models of such panel downlights. Most of the panel lights in DGT Lighting that belong to the bright indoor LED shop lights category tend to fall in the SMD downlight categorie

Belonging in the SMD groups makes these panel lights more suitable to install on lower ceilings. So, small stores on the first few apartment floors (including the basement) tend to order these types of LED shop lights collection from us. 

Moreover, some SMD models in DGT Lighting have the IP44 certification, which means the light bulbs are immune to solid particles that have more than 1mm dimension and some splashes of water. In addition, we also sell COB panel lights whose angles are more focused and the lumens are higher. These panel lights are usually for larger-sized supermarkets.

When we see panel lights, we may immediately think about round-shaped LED commercial shop lights. On the other hand, linear lights are just like their names, which means their angles completely follow their line-shaped forms. 

However, these lights do not track lights since they don’t have adjustable rails. Hence, these indoor LED commercial shop lights only focus on filling the blanks between the shop’s ceiling spaces.

At the same time, linear lights are different from panel lights that have consistent 12W power limits. Their power consumptions tend to be on the large side due to their dimensions and their primary purposes. Yet, the power consumption has more defined ranges than panel lights.

Warehouse lights

Warehouses are the places to store discounted items from the previous months or years. That statement about warehouses is the statement we often think according to customers’ perspectives.

The warehouse’s functions “become” wider when we think about warehouses according to company and store owners. When we do, we will understand that warehouses are the places to store raw materials that have just come or even shopping items that are not (yet) on the price lists.

In DGT Lighting Co. Ltd., we understand warehouses from both customers’ and companies’ perspectives. Hence, we provide many LED shop lights for indoor and outdoor warehouses. Additionally, we would also like to emphasize that our indoor and outdoor LED shop lights for warehouses are more environmentally friendly than halogen lights.

As our customers, lighting companies often order downlights for their indoor and outdoor warehouses. It is rare for them to order other LED shop lights collection products, even though sometimes we can find these types of customers. That way, the lighting settings won’t disturb raw materials and the soon-to-come items inside the warehouses.

Depending on the warehouses’ sizes, they may order more or less amounts of downlight LED products. At the same time, many large-sized supermarkets and stores require high lumen capacities and frequent bulb replacements. We also provide such services, in addition to providing fixtures for every of our LED shop lighting products

What are the things we need to consider in purchasing LED shop lights?

Here, we believe purchasing indoor or outdoor LED shop light products is not the end of customers’ journeys. Customer satisfaction has been our top priority for more than 30 years of our operations in DGT Lighting. Hence, we don’t want the purchases to end badly on our customers’ sides.

Intensity (or lumens), CRI, and CCT are the three things we advise you to consider before buying our LED shop lights collection products. You should also measure your store and residential dimensions to determine how many LED shop lighting products you should purchase.

Lighting professionals measure a LED product’s intensity with lumens. Furthermore, there are the illumination standards to judge whether a LED shop lighting product’s lumen powers are suitable for some spaces around your shops, supermarkets, or other residential places. 

The matching Watt powers are the keys to getting the accurate measurement of how bright will your indoor or outdoor LED shop products to be. Additionally, you will also need these data for determining how many LED shop lights collection products you will need.

The CCT is the measurement of how warm or cool the commercial LED shop light’s temperatures are. Many lighting companies measure the LED’s CCT with Kelvin (K). The Kelvin or CCT measurement of the modern LED shop lights can go from 2000K to 5000K and up.

LED lamps that have around 2000-3500K CCT would fall into the warm or soft white categories. These lamps usually have warmer color tones as the combinations, and the aim is for accentuating warm, welcoming, energizing, and inspiring atmospheres. The higher the K in the CCT, the more likely the space encourages focus in the visitors.

On the other hand, the CRI is the measurement of how intense the LED’s color combinations are. Lighting professionals and companies measure the CRI with an index from 0 to 100. The 0 number is the darkest one and the 100 number is the most vivid one. 

A decent modern LED shop light will have a CRI of 90 to 100, and that is the CRI range for all of our LED shop lights collection. After all, we complete our high-quality commercial LED shop light products with many certifications, such as the ISO 9001 for the quality management system and the CE certification for ensuring safety.

How do we improve the lighting conditions of our shops?

Considering the three integral things for a LED shop lights collection as mentioned above is crucial to improve the lighting conditions. However, we should take the “improve” word into additional consideration to make the lighting products work for our staff and visitors.

But first, we need to determine the purposes for installing, re-installing, and uninstalling LED lights around our shops. Accent, task, ambient, and decorative purposes are the four major purposes that all business people use when they are about to purchase any LED shop light products in the modern world.

The ambient lighting puts focus on the entire store. Therefore, it should be the major focus of your store’s LED products. Then, focus on the task lightings on registry machines and the like to highlight the transactional processes. After that, more additional purposes like the accent and the decorative purposes can follow.

Understanding these purposes will help you increase the rest of the factors, including the lumens, CRI, and CCT rates. For your information, you can convert the Watt powers with lumens in LED lights. 

For example, you can look for LED lights with 1600 lumens to replace your 100W lamps. Else, you need an 800-lumen LED shop product as a replacement for your existing 60W lamps. Once you’ve replaced the lumens, you can consider replacing them with other LED lights with higher lumens. That way, you improve the lighting around your stores.

As for the LED colors, it is up to the store’s dimensions and the items you sell in the store. Some stores choose monochromatic colors, while others love to combine two or more LED colors. Either way, you need to play with different color combinations until you find the suitable ones that can build up the moods inside your store.

We also let you try different products through our catalog. Then, our highly skilled engineers will craft the modern LED shop light products until they satisfy your shop’s requirements.

We have dealt with thousands of clients across China from different backgrounds since 30 years ago. Since then, we have shipped our diverse types of commercial LED shop light products and provided a guarantee for our products.

So, we understand there are times when our LED shop lights collectionproducts are broken for many reasons, some a few days after your purchase from us. We let you re-ship the LED and our engineering teams will work with our Research and Development teams to re-assemble the LED lamp using our huge collections of high-quality factory equipment.

Our team also provides bulb and fixture replacements, no matter if you’re ordering track lights, spotlights, or any other lighting products from us.

How many lumens are good for a shop light?

Lumens or the illuminance standards are the ways we measure LED lights’ brightness since these lighting products don’t consume too many Watts. Lux is the abbreviation of lumens.

The answers to the “How many lumens (or lux) are good for a shop light?” question lies in the activities that are typical for the rooms. We also look at the capacity of the square meter in the building with their different activities there. 

For example, warehouses, theaters, loading docks, and the like, typically have an average lux of 150 lux per square meter. Then, public areas with darker surroundings have an average illuminance range of 20-50 lux per square meter.

Another example would be the management’s room which only the managerial team can enter will typically require 250 lux per square meter. Such amounts won’t be adequate for rooms with lots of detailed drawing activities, mechanical works, and especially any tasks that require precision.

Activities like mechanical workshops that included the detailed parts and operating large-scaled theaters require an illuminance of at least 1,000 lux per square meter. 

On the other side, more detailed drawing works, including in the electronic workshops where the factory workers need to shape, measure, test, and adjust everything in the workshop, require at least 2,000 lux per square meter.

In such cases, you need to allocate a budget for LED shop lights collection products that have at least 2,000 lux. Here in DGT Lighting, you can conveniently find hundreds of LED shop lights collection products with different and adjustable lux measurements.

How many lights do we need for our shop?

In general, we need to measure the lengths, widths, and heights of each of our store’s spaces to determine how many lights we need. We also need to evaluate the existing lighting equipment we have and make sure the equipment supports the kinds of lighting we need to build up moods around our stores.

Normally, the larger the store’s spaces are the more empty spaces for any LED shop lights collectionproducts to occupy. Then again, it depends on the amounts of existing lighting devices you have for your shops and the lumens each of the super-bright LED shop light products has.

Most large-sized supermarkets that use track lights and linear lights don’t need too many LED lamps, including the recessed dimmable downlight LED shop lights. 

However, there are times when there are quite busy activities inside an exclusive office space, yet with only one or two commercial LED shop light products inside the room. Such cases call for additional installations of bright, modern LED shop lights, and a lighting company that has highly experienced engineer teams in executing the lighting jobs.

From there, we can determine what are the LED lamp types that we need and how many orders we need to replace in one purchase. For your information, DGT Lighting’s official website comes with diverse sets of LED products you need for your shops.

What are the CCT measurements that we should consider for our shops?

Both CCT and the lumens measure the LED lamp’s ability to emit low-electricity lights. However, their measurements are different, in the sense that we state lumens with lux and CCT with Kelvin (or simply “K”).

Just as the ways lighting professionals and certification bodies measure CRI with indexes, different CCTs mean diverse ways of highlighting important parts of a shop’s space.

As a lighting company, we agree that measuring how cool or warm the white hues in the LED lamp’s light is a part of measuring our LED shop lights collectionproducts’ CCT. Indeed, there are scales for determining the white temperature in a modern LED shop light.

The natural white and the warm versus cool white are some of the examples where the CCT measurements take place. 

More precisely, the 3,600-5,000K CCT will produce natural white colors for the LED shop light collection. The 2,000-2,500K CCT means the white hues will be ultra warm.

On the other hand, a CCT that ranges anywhere around 5,000K means the white color temperatures are on the cooler side.

A perfect 0K would be equal to black or any lamp categories that you have completely turned off. However, there are no LED companies in the world that sell 0K or LED lamps that have too high CCTs.

There are some special cases of determining the indoor LED shop lights’ CCT rates, such as the CCT that can produce milky white colors on a LED lamp’s light.

Our clients who owned stores, specialty stores, or supermarkets tend to order LED lamps with a CCT of reasonable numbers. Therefore, we guarantee that the colors will always be sensible, such as light orange. As a result, the lighting can provide extra comfort for the customers and visitors as they desire to visit the shops over and over again.

The CCT also has a standard deviation of +/-0.02. For example, the perfect (or no standard deviations) 3,000K lamp will have orange gradations. We can contrast this color gradation in the same CCT with the one that has a standard deviation of -0.02 and +0.02. The color becomes yellow on the +0.02 and it becomes mustard yellow on the -0.02

Our skilled engineers in DGT Lighting can adjust the CCT you need for your chosen LED shop light collection as much as you wish. Here, our engineers work with our Research and Development (R&D) department, a department that consults the best architectures for your requested LED shop lighting products.

In the end, we would like to stress that almost all the equipment that our engineers use in our company is automatic. We also ensure our workers’ safety so you can use our LED lamp products safely. Some certifications that we’ve obtained in the past include CE, TUV, and many others.

Our LED lamp collections also passed many ISO certifications, and most of them are all about product safety. So, rest assured when buying modern LED shop light products from us.

Are LED shop lights safe?

Absolutely! One of the primary advantages of the modern LED commercial shop lights is that these light types have vivid colors while being low in electric usage.


Researchers over the years have proved that dimmable, yet super bright LED shop lights indeed exist. True to their names, dimmable means the convenience to find and operate the on and off buttons. These dimmable LED commercial shop lights also consume 90% less electricity than other lighting types, including fluorescent lights.

So, these whole things about LED shop lights collection products: Vivid colors, being low in electric usage, and being dimmable, are the things that make them safe to use. What’s more, is that many modern LED shop lights today have certifications like CE, which means they are safe to use.

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