emergency led light bar: flash pattern basics

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-31
Just like you won\'t rush out to buy the first house you found for sale, you should never run out to buy the first emergency led light strip you found for your vehicle.Each type of light strip has different features, price, light selection, various installation locations, and other options that you need to consider.However, once you have identified the type of lighting you need, you need to make sure that it will cover the flashing mode required for your vehicle.The main function of flashing emergency lights is to draw the attention of road users (including drivers, pedestrians and workers) and to remind them of the differences in traffic patterns, obstacles on roads, or dangerous situations.Safety is the reason why flashing patterns are so important to the light bars you buy.Flashing lights must be easy to notice and very conspicuous when powered on.While the colors you can choose vary depending on the type of vehicle, the functionality remains the same --Make sure the driver responds quickly.The flash must overcome two main problems in order to be effective.These are: contrast with the surrounding environmentIn order for the Flash to be effective, they must have sufficient contrast with the surrounding environment for the human eye to see the difference.Driver distractedThis major driver problem may be due to cell phones, radio controls, children, roadside attractions, not even at all --mindedness.Anything that draws the driver\'s attention away from the road needs to be considered.Therefore, flashing lights need not only to work with the surrounding environment, but also to overcome any other interference that the driver may have.Many light strip flash patterns are named for their unique features.In most cases, there are at least 30 model varieties to choose from to help attract the attention of road users and to help guide the traffic.However, since the emergency LED light Strip is controlled electronically, there are almost all kinds of patterns to choose from if you have the right accessories.Each flash pattern can be cyclically flashing, flashing all the lights, flashing side by side, gradually lighting up a single LEDs, dividing colors, flashing alternately, and more.There are generally three speeds (slow, medium and fast) for The Chaser\'s flash ).With the advancement of technology, the speed of the flash will only increase, and some models offer the \"Super Flash\" mode, which will flash the bulb very quickly.The only purpose of advanced mode creation is to attract the attention of motorists and help control their attention when driving in complex areas.The operator of the vehicle will determine the specific mode to use.In most cases, emergency service agents decide the appropriate functionality based on the type of traffic they encounter.When purchasing, check if your light bar selection provides the remember pattern feature.As the name suggests, this creative feature allows the light bar to remember the pattern, so the same light sequence can be activated quickly when you open the light bar again.The disadvantage of flashing the emergency light is the intensity of the light flashing.These lights can cause tension, discomfort, and even more serious problems over time.Therefore, there are restrictions on the flash.Lights that flash too fast will distract themselves, especially if they are too bright, causing night blindness.Other complications include but are not limited to: Epilepsy-The seizure caused by staring at the flash increases eye fatigueStaring at the pain caused by lowHorizontal flash for long taxi-A psychological condition caused by flashing lights, where drivers are distracted, causing them to travel in the direction of mild visual impairmentFrequent exposure to excessive vehicle operators can cause long-term damage to vision
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