empire state building dons a crown of led lights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-30
The famous King Kong building has announced that it will replace its lights with a new computerized LED lighting system, which is said to be able to achieve near-The range of colors is infinite.The owners of the Empire State Building will work with Massachusetts-Philips color power lighting company will install the 1200 status-of-the-In the coming weeks and months, Art leads the fixtures.These will replace 400 high-intensity discharge lights, which were initially installed more than 30 years ago, in line with 1976 dual-century discharge lights.Currently, the tower can only be illuminated in one of ten static colors.These are all changed by applying the colored gel directly to each lamp, and the process takes a worker team a few hours of hard work to complete.Once a new LED light is installed, this laborious process will no longer be necessary, as the configuration of the light can be changed remotely and instantly.The decorative art design of the tower draws on the amazing color palette of 16 million colors, lighting not only with static colors, but also with dynamic color change sequences, it can be used to celebrate various activities throughout the city and the country.The new lights will use about a quarter of energy compared to the ones currently in use, and the duration will be extended by three times, making their maintenance costs very low.According to the owners, the renovation will cost \"millions of dollars\" to install, but will pay for itself in a few years.The announcement of the new lighting system came shortly after the tower lost its position as New York\'s tallest building, when its height was eclipsed by the new World Trade Center.The two phenomena are not relevant, according to the owners, as the tower has been implementing green initiatives for many years.Replacing the lights is only a small part of a $0.12 billion renovation project designed to transform the building into a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly buildingFriendly structure, which also includes the renovation of ventilation system, heat insulation and window replacement.In September 2011, the tower was awarded a gold leadership rating for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and became the highest LEED certified building in its class in the United States.The installation of new LED fixtures and LED fixtures will begin in a few weeks and the completion date will be determined sometime in late autumn.
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