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by:DGT Lighting     2020-02-25
New research report and forecast on \"global LED Lighting Market: Trends and Opportunities\" (2016-2020) \\ \"the world.Scope of the report entitled \"global LED Lighting Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016-2020) \", providedIn-depth analysis of the global LED lighting market, detailed analysis of market size and growth, market share and industry economic impact.The report also provides the size of the global lighting market and its market segments.The report provides detailed regional analysis of North America, Europe and AsiaPacific (China and India) LED lighting market ).The report also assesses key opportunities in the market and outlines the factors driving growth in the industry.Growth in the global lighting market and the global LED lighting market was also forecast during 20162020, taking into account previous growth patterns, growth drivers and current and future trends.Due to the price war and the entry of small companies, the global LED lighting market is facing fierce competition.In addition, key players (Cree, Philips and Osram) in the global LED lighting market are also described through their financial information and their respective business strategies.Download a sample copy of this report: Insurance Company of Asia Pacific region (China and India) in North America EuropePhilips Osram executive summary LED lighting can be subdivided according to its applications in lighting, backlight, signage, automotive lighting and other fields.Some of the advantages of LED lights relative to traditional light sources are long life, energy saving, environmental protection, durability, zero UV emission, flexible design, low voltage.Compared with the previous year, the global LED lighting market grew at a significant annual growth rate in 2015, and predicted that the market will grow in the next five years.e.2016-2020 great.The high market is due to the rapid growth of the global automotive industry, increasing concern for fuel and energy efficiency and other factors.The main driving force for the growth of the LED lighting market is the increasing shipments and penetration rate of LED TVs, the growing automotive industry, the increasing LED penetration rate, and the phasing out of incandescent lamps in many countries, government support policies and concerns about energy efficiency.Despite the constraints of various growth drivers, the market faces some challenges, such as temperature dependence, high initial LED cost and high R & D cost.
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