experts warn led blue-light could cause serious damage to your eyes

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-09
They seem to be a good idea when choosing how to light up your house, but experts warn that LED lights can cause more damage than benefits.
French Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Agency (ANSES)
A report released said that the led light will inevitably damage the retina and cause serious damage to the rhythm of natural sleep.
According to the Daily Mail, the French government-run agency warned that the strong LED light was a \"photo\"toxic\". A 400-
Their published page report highlights the permanent destruction of retinal cells, a common stepping stone to blinding.
ANSES called on officials to further limit a person\'s maximum exposure to lights that emit \"blue light.
However, the study concluded that the LED lights on the screens of mobile phones, tablets and laptops did not have the same effect, Francine Bihar said
Cohen, eye doctor.
However, a powerful light bulb in a car\'s headlights may.
The report clarifies the difference between acute exposure to strong LED lights and \"chronic exposure\" to less powerful light sources.
While this is not dangerous, long-term exposure has the potential to worsen your vision and \"accelerate the aging of retina tissue,\" the report said \".
Michelle Dickinson: Are you dazzled by your phone?
The attractiveness of LED technology has dominated over the past decade, as it has long been
Long-lasting, energy-saving, affordable.
According to the Daily Mail, the proportion will continue to rise in the eyes of lighting experts and will reach by the end of 2020.
The power required for incandescent lamps to achieve the same brightness is only 1 out of 5 for LED lights.
LED lights are increasingly used for office, headlights, flashlights, toys, home and street lighting.
Eye doctor Behar
Cohen explained that because of the low brightness of mobile phones, tablets and laptops, they are less threatening.
However, when used in a dark environment, they can still \"disrupt the rhythm of the creature, thus disrupting sleep patterns \".
Dina Attia, a researcher and project manager at ANSES, said disrupting your circadian rhythm can also cause serious damage to metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.
The report also said that minor changes in current led to the stroboscopic effect of some LED lights leading to \"headaches, visual fatigue and higher risk of accidents \".
ANSES details that children are particularly threatened with this concern as their crystal lenses are not fully developed.
It is recommended to use \"warm white\" LED lights in domestic settings, limit exposure to LEDs with sufficient blue light, and do not use LED screens in the dark.
ANSES suggested that manufacturers should \"limit the luminous intensity of the car\'s headlights \".
The report also questioned whether the filter and sunglasses allegedly \"counter\" were sufficientblue light\".
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