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by:DGT Lighting     2020-09-24

Fog Lights

Fog lights just like any other car light are use for better visibility, but the main difference from a head light and a fog light is that it gives more brighter and better visibility that a normal head light can't. Fog lights are usually used in dark rainy and foggy areas. Fog lights are usually colored lights in blue or yellow, but mostly yellow. The light patter of fog light is different from head lights resulting in better visibility. Fog lights can be switched on and off from a button inside the car. Fog lights are usually used in dip beam head lights, reducing the glare from the fog. They are mostly used when needed, since they are not used for fashionable displays. Many people install only one fog light since one is more than enough and doesn't cause confusion for other drivers on the road. So fog lights should be switched off when they are not needed. According to statistical research fog lights cause distraction for other drivers on the road especially when used at high speeds.

In many countries, fog lights of 200 to 300 candelas are allowed since most fog lights are at the rear of the car. This can cause confusion between the brake and the fog lights. So in many countries the use of only one fog light at the back is allowed. Fog lights are not allowed in all parts of the world. The use of fog lights in U.K is banned as it increases the glare on other drivers resulting in accidents. Fog lights are usually manufactured in yellow colors so that they can easily be distinguished from front or rear lights. In many countries the use of fog light is not necessary and there is no legal requirement for it as well.

According to studies, people in North America use fog lights habitually and mostly in dry weather for fashionable purposes. Most Americans don't use them in wet weather conditions when they are needed.

Fog lights come in different shapes and sizes. People usually buy rounded fog lights. Big round fog lights are usually installed at roof of the truck. Fog lights on trucks give it a dashing look. The fog lights on the top gives a long distance visibility to the driver. If you love hunting then do add fog lights on the roof of your truck especially in foggy areas.

If you go out to do off-road at night, get a pair of rectangular fog lights and place it on the bumper of your truck or the grill so that you can see the ground and avoid getting your truck stuck in a big ditch.

The best place for fog lights on a car can be its bumper. Since you don't need long distance visibility as you can't go out for hunting on your car and you aren't going to drive at high speeds. Above all placing the fog lights on the roof will ruin your car's aerodynamics and look as well. So if you have a car put them on the bumper, if you have a truck then put it on the bumper and the roof.

So the most important thing when buying fog light is the purpose of it not for fashionable purposes.

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