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by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-19

Domestic Appliances- Direct to Your Home

Gone are the days when customers had to drive to showrooms that would offer limited number of brands of appliances and kitchen appliances; now, with brand proliferation in this category, competition spurts. On top of that, arrival of internet has made life easier for Indian consumers, who, now can choose & shop any brand of appliances from the comfort of their homes and offices. Moreover, free home delivery is the biggest boon for customers, who had to bring those big refrigerators & TV sets home on their own. So, now your appliances come direct to your home; just a few clicks on online shopping portals and life are good!

What is the hottest in Home Devices?

With retail markets buzzing with so many brands and new overseas entrants, it's customers who get the benefits galore. However, Indian consumer market is always brimming with brands that replace the latest with other batch of new entrants. And therefore, what is latest today becomes obsolete tomorrow as innovation has become a key to survive in the market. But it's only human to be inquisitive to know about the latest home appliances India has seen recently.

Nowadays, washing machines come with a larger body, but offer powerful and robust performance; there is only one knob that allows you to select a particular programme.

For your kitchen, now there are some brilliantly designed stainless steel hoods that include twin 20-watt halogen spotlights. For any homemaker, it's easy to clean as it comes with fingerprint proof stainless steel finish.

For foodies, here is an innovative countertop microwave that is equipped with automatic settings for traditional microwave foods such as popcorn, baked potatoes and ground meat.

A digital rice cooker with concave above the pedal pan.

Why Home Appliances?

How onerous your life would be if you were asked to run a home without refrigerator, toaster, tea/coffee maker, food processor, AC, washing machine and other useful machines? The sheer imagination of such a burdensome life makes us uncomfortable. We are so much addicted to these smart gadgets that we feel paralyzed in the absence of those super machines that perform miracles daily. Moreover, fast-paced lifestyle has its own challenges - getting up early in the morning, making breakfast, and lunch for kids, packing them off to school...phew! It's a daunting task for any person to beat the clock. Appliances offer us a welcome relief in the middle of all these challenges and enable us to cope with any emergency.

Domestic Devices Shopping Guidelines

With so many brands of domestic devices flooding marketplaces day after day, it's very hard to choose right kind of appliances for any consumer. Every other day, there is a new brand ready to lure our eyes with some more advanced features. Some claim better performances, while others blow the trumpet of lifetime warranty; and there are some superstar brands that promise the moon. Thanks to our online shopping portals that provide us product comparison feature; take any product of home devices or kitchen appliances, visit a few shopping portals and compare its features with other brands. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid any gaffe while you are on a shopping spree. Also ask your friends & colleagues before you swipe your credit card or place any order with COD (Cash on Delivery) option. Read the product literature thoroughly; check the best-before date and if you are shopping products from any online shopping portal, make sure that the payment gateway page starts with 'https'. If you are not technology-savvy, it is better to use digital shopping voucher codes generated by shopping portals.

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