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Four Seasons Garden Banquet



Four Seasons Garden is a luxury banquet, which requires high standard lighting design and products. The banquet is a prefect place for weddings, meetings and parties.

DGT lighting team work hard with the designer of the banquet to reach the expectation. The banquet becomes more vivid and elegant by DGT LED lighting products. 



DGT team uses dimmbale and adjustable spotlight MQ-7140 25W 25W 3000K for the lobby area. This model of LED spotlight has 2 different beam angle for options. The narrow and middle beam angle is prefectly suitable the lobby area. The narrow ones  illuminate where need higher lux, and middle illuminate the whole area with enough light. 



In the hotel corridor, we use LED spotlight MQ-1189 7W 3000K. There is three different beam angles for options. The products is with anti-glare design, people are confortable walk through the corridor. 



The ballroom have 6 meters high ceiling. On the starry sky ceiling, we use dimmable high-power spotlights, to crate both lighting and atmosphere, with high illumination, high light efficiency, good optical effect by spotlight MQ-7165 36W 24D to make sure that there is enough LUX on each table to illuminate delicious food and best dining experience.

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