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by:DGT Lighting     2020-04-21

Most of the LED indicators available today can be controlled by the operator.The computer-controlled LED indicator is controlled by the operator.These are the most upcoming technologies that are spreading to all parts of the world at the fastest speed.Computer-controlled LED signs use LED technology to represent LEDs, producing very bright light, while saving energy, as they do not waste heat lighting on products like incandescent lamps.In the most international cities in the world, these signs are used as an outlet for both indoor and outdoor use.Many industrial sites are even less likely to use a computer-controlled LED logo.The main advantage here is that an LED logo can be used as a computer control function to control messages and information.Therefore, operators can choose between the cost and the number of languages, and user-defined messages can also be transmitted to world broadcasts.An important feature of the computer-controlled LED logo is memory ability.While it is common for electronic displays to save 10,000 characters, some models can save even 150,000 characters at a time.Jayex Technology has successfully demonstrated that LED controlled by computer can be easily installed and controlled without technical expertise.Nowadays, people can see the LED logo on billboards in some of the world\'s most international cities.The LED logo controlled by these computers can be controlled remotely, which is an advantage.Update the logo using an infrared keyboard or windows-based software, and it is now possible to update the logo in other ways as well.In addition, fiber optic cable, telephone modem, Pager and certain cellular phone technology can also be used in computer-controlled LED signs.
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