gangs stealing led lights from range rovers to grow cannabis

by:DGT Lighting     2020-05-12
At present, criminal gangs are stealing LED lights from luxury vehicles for cannabis factories.
Police are investigating the theft of headlights from Land Rover and Range Rover cars, which were then sold to drug dealers who used them to help grow illegal plants.
In some parts of the country, the problem has become so bad that the police have started an action to advise owners how best to protect their vehicles from thieves.
A police task force in West Yorkshire has arrested 14 people and recovered a large number of stolen car parts.
Land Rover and Range Rover are thought to be targeted specifically because experienced thieves can remove light components in 60 seconds.
The Muslim father beat his daughter in Spain, the white boyfriend, the British millionaire, was held with a tennis racket for \"haleme\", claiming that Freddy Starr attacked his allegations of sexual abuse in an interview, but police have warned that deals with other luxury car parts such as doors, hats, mirrors, wheels and grills are also hot.
It is believed that drivers use car parts to improve the appearance and specifications of their old models, or to repair their own cars after an accident.
CCTV pictures show a van used to steal a Land Rover headlights (Rossparry)
Last month, West Yorkshire Police launched the Emporia operation to crack down on the problems that detectives believe are emerging in towns such as Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield.
Police have been blocking drivers of Land Rover and Range Rover to make sure their vehicles have the right headlights.
Chief Inspector Steve Thomas said: \"We work closely with manufacturers and have been blocking certain vehicles that install LED headlights to make sure they are legal.
Anyone who has recently installed a used LED light can contact the police with proof of purchase, he said.
Mr Thomas went on to say: \"If we stop and suspect that the vehicle is equipped with stolen parts, then the parts will be removed and the owner may face prosecution.
\"The drivers who were eyeing the car claimed that the thief was able to peel off certain parts in a few seconds.
While most of the items were sold to other drivers, it was also thought that the powerful LED headlight unit would contribute to the production of cannabis and to the faster growth of plants.
Michael Roper, 53, runs a bar in Oaks hope, West Yorkshire, and the lights and front grille of his Land Rover sports car were stolen last month.
He said the thief removed the lamp and grill with a crowbar, causing a loss of 8,000.
\"It\'s common,\" he said.
But it\'s an easy crime, and it\'s fast.
They put a crowbar between the front wing and the headlights.
\"They crashed the wing.
No noise.
They know how to turn off the alarm on the car.
Mr. Roper said he knew that at least 40 other Rover had been targeted in similar thefts.
Of the 14 people arrested as part of the West Yorkshire operation, one was charged with theft and another 13 were released on bail.
Range Rover is not the only car company specifically targeted by thieves who have been stolen parts.
Other manufacturers include: Volkswagen
In the 1980 s of the United States
The jumping band Beastie Boys has set off a craze to see teenagers steal badges from Volkswagen around their necks.
Mercedes-German automakers were forced to introduce a removable logo option on some of their vehicles after car owners complained that they were often stolen.
The famous Spirit of the Rolls Royce-ecstasy logo was modified to take back under the hood to stop thieves.
Audi-earlier this year, the Audi RS4 car seat theft occurred in succession, after news that the German company has stopped replacing.
A spokesman for Land Rover said: \"It is reported that the headlights of the old model of Range Rover Sport were stolen.
According to the testing and consent of the relevant insurance agencies, all Range Rover models have and will continue to meet the requirements of the insurance industry.
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