Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas for Behind the Range

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-21
A glass-The tile tailgate without focus is usually like a movie without a main character.Shorter cabinets out of range mean increased wall space, making this area the ideal \"canvas\" for basic or bold design \".Opaque and translucent glass tiles flash in the light of the range hood to get more artistic images or modern edginess.Turn a large, brightly colored or visually interesting ceramic medal into the focus or presentation section of the kitchen.It may be round, diamond or square, but let the medal take the lead to surround it with milky white, translucent glass bricks of color extracted from its design.Plastic gaskets can correct the difference in the thickness of the big medal and tile if needed.Smooth and smooth glass and ceramics are easy to wipe the cleaning of cooking splashes, so they are ideal for the stove area.A simple design can be a white subwayTiles, glass backplates are dotted with several red glass or tiles of the same size and thickness.Then behind the range, you can reverse the color arrangement--In this case, red is more than white.No matter what design you create above the counter, reinforce or enlarge the look behind the range.Just keep it relatively cohesive and consistent so that the entire tailgate will flow and it doesn\'t look visually destroyed.Shiny cabinets, shiny appliances and glassThe tile tailgate is reflective, smooth and appealing in the kitchen environment.But by adding something different on the texture over the stove, you can avoid too-much-of-a-good-thing pitfall.This does not require much: pencil tracks around glass tiles by wooden edges or Terracotta Warriors, which are opposite to other tiles;Or some porous slate or granite blocks are mixed with glass to form a simple symmetrical pattern for texture diversity.You don\'t have to have the artistic talent like Michelle Angelo, you can create your own \"art \";Glass brick is a medium that is relatively easy to use.If the rest of the tailgate consists of 2-inch-For example, square glass tiles in mixed colors separate the squares of two or three gridsStart creating dry back sheetsMosaic design on the counter.Insert parts of different colors together until you have an arrangement of abstraction or image, and you will like to focus on the range.Food mosaics such as pineapple, apple or steaming turkey on platter are suitable in the kitchen and may even inspire some extraordinary food.
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