green light know how: your guide to energy-saving light bulbs

by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-21
This is human nature.We are always eager to explore the latest products, especially those that are touted as improving our lives.At the same time, we are skeptical about new product technology and it is difficult to decide what to buy and whether to buy.This is certainly the case with energy.Save light bulbs.The energy bill by in December on 2007 start calculation time of theinexpensive on the reliable of incandescent light bulb.While that is true, there are few bulb manufacturers who understate the idea of driving Mr.\'s energy efficiency.Edison\'s classic works are enough to meet the requirements of the law. now it seems that the United StatesS.Starting at 2012, consumers will need to convert to a 21 st century green light bulb.
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