guide on how to install led lights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-07-16
One of the benefits of Strip lights is that you can install them on almost any surface.
In order for these units to work effectively and provide you with the excellent service you need to install them correctly.
To help you, here are some tips on how to install lights on different surfaces: install lights on water drops
Ceiling down-
The down ceiling is a decorative feature suspended from the ceiling, lower than the main ceiling.
When installing the lights, you can install them in such a way that the LED tape is mounted horizontally or vertically.
Whichever installation method you choose, make sure you install the LEDs after the lip on the edge of the descentceiling.
In order to prevent the light spot from shining on the vertical surface behind it, please be as close as possible to the led behind the ceiling lip.
Installing the led on the cornice and covingCoving is a decorative styling at the junction of the ceiling and wall.
When installing units here, install them as far away as possible from the back wall.
This is to avoid seeing visible light. dotting.
You should also make sure that there is a lip on coving that hides the LEDs.
This creates a good effect because you only show the light, not the light source.
It is often found in the kitchen that lights are installed on skirting boards, but there are also in other places.
When installing lights in this area, avoid placing LED tape too close to the wall.
This is to avoid seeing the lights. dotting.
To hide the LED light source, install the light after the lip.
You should be careful with the type of floor to install the lights.
To avoid reflection, install the lights on less shiny surfaces.
If your wall is already shiny, use surface extrusion to spread the light.
The light looks like a continuous light, not a point, due to extrusion.
Conclusion in order for you to make the most of the LED lights, you should install them correctly.
For your convenience, you should install them according to the given prompt.
Professionally installed lights make sure you hire professionals to do the job.
When purchasing lamps, we must ensure high quality.
You can do this by purchasing from a highly rated store.
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