halogen lighting fixtures

by:DGT Lighting     2019-12-28
In the past few years, the lighting equipment of halogen lamps has improved.
They are the preferred lighting option that requires high quality or precise focusing of light.
Halogen lamps are widely used for various applications.
These applications include cable lighting, image lighting, display lighting
Horizontal lighting, rail lighting and fixtures.
Halogen lamps are radiation lamps containing halogen gas, which can improve the efficacy of bulbs, but they are more expensive than ordinary radiation lamps.
They can be tubular bulbs or low pressure bulbs.
Low power halogen lamps are not low energy lamps.
Halogen lamps are less efficient than fluorescent lamps, but slightly higher than ordinary bulbs with the same wattage.
In some cases, they are most appropriate because their focus functions are very tight, such as making art active, or lighting on a small scale.
The halogen lamp is actually a special type of incandescent lamp, usually with a parabolic aluminum-plated reflector (PAR)
Improved light focus.
Halogen lamps emit very bright white light, which will keep the light output over time.
Halogen lamp for \"down-lighting.
\"The downlight provides a bright light pool in a different way than normal lighting.
They are usually used to highlight the angular blocks of the plant.
Halogen lamps should be fixed with lower wattage and more efficient bulbs.
The efficient 35w halogen lamp provides the same light as the standard 50w lamp.
Halogen lamp cable lighting system and halogen lamp are also provided for easy installation without professional installation.
These fixtures are easy to swap.
Halogen lamps need to be replaced less frequently than incandescent lamps and can be easily darkened.
They have a superior beam control that allows the light to focus carefully.
The difficulty with halogen lamps is that the light may be too bright for the living room and it will become very hot and should not be left unattended for a long time.
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