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by:DGT Lighting     2020-06-02
LED light therapy (
The sky is rapidly gaining popularity and, thanks to the effectiveness and safety of this advanced technology, it only shows signs of further explosion.
This therapy has been shown to significantly improve the skin and relieve pain without medication, downtime, or pain.
This is a viable alternative to a more invasive treatment without risk.
There are many special systems designed for home use that are approved by the FDA and hold the power to take care of you in your own hands, making it both convenient and affordable!
There are also cheap versions on the market that use low-quality LEDs and do not produce the expected results of this technology.
You and your skin are priceless and buying a high quality LED light treatment system is an investment in your confidence and selfesteem.
It\'s an investment that lasts for years and can help you look and feel great!
When you want to buy a device for yourself or your loved one, you will want an FDA approved device and take advantage of the proven wavelength measured by Nano, high quality led, and a reliable warranty.
I am very passionate about this therapy and have tried and currently use a variety of systems, which gives me a unique view of which systems are really effective, easy to use, and worth investing in.
In my opinion, the following units are the best and most effective units I have tried. 1.
The DPL treatment system is probably the most versatile system on the market as it can improve the skin, relieve pain and accelerate healing.
The FDA has approved the use of high-quality LEDs and the robust wavelength follows the NASA protocol.
The removable large panel allows you to treat your entire face at once and to treat any pain problems in other parts of the body.
Facts about the treatment time of the DPL treatment system: the DPL treatment system runs for 17 minutes and then automatically shuts down (
It beeps every minute)2.
Baby Quasar PLUS and Quasar MDThese two powerful handheld systems are designed with excellent quality and are unheard of for life warranty.
Star light therapy systems are said to be 4 times more powerful than other systems and use the same power as professional medical devices.
Both the baby star PLUS and the star MD contain 4 wavelengths and use an ultra-LEDs (
The highest level of LED can be provided. )
The star MD is 50% stronger than the baby star PLUS with a larger treatment head and contains a larger LEDs.
The fact about the time of treatment of the Astral system of the infant Astral, dividing the face into 6 parts, each of which is treated for 3 minutes, and the treatment time of the Astral MDDivide is a total of 18 minutes for 3 minutes per section, 12 minutes in total.
Caribbean sun rejuvenation light, though not-
What is called the DPL treatment system and the baby meteoroid is a special system.
This is a full-size panel system that handles the entire face at once using a powerful led.
It has a unique feature that allows you to use both red and yellow LEDs at the same time, or you can use each color independently when switching a flick.
The fact about the treatment time of Caribbean sunshine skin rejuvenation light this system will not turn off automatically, but I find 20-
You can achieve amazing results in 25 minutes.
When it comes to treating acne, Clear Rayz and Caribbean sun red/blue Pro are leading the way. 1.
Clear Rayz is a handy handheld device that contains red LEDs on one side and then on the other you will find blue LEDs.
Red LEDs accelerate the healing and repair process, and blue LEDs kill acne bacteria.
Its stylish design allows people of any age to treat acne without harmful local products or drugs.
The fact about clear RayzTreatment is that the red light turns off automatically after 7.
After 5 minutes, the blue light will turn off automatically after 5 minutes. You can divide the whole face into 4 parts, handle each area within the specified time, or you can handle it on site. 2.
Caribbean sun red/blue Pro is a hand-
Free panel system with red and blue led.
You can treat the whole face at once with this system.
Similarly, when blue LEDs kill acne bacteria, the red LEDs speed up the healing and repair process.
The system contains two switches;
One in red, one in blue.
In order to get the best effect, the lamp should not be used at the same time, but should be used on different days.
The fact about the Caribbean sun red/blue pre-treatment time you will want to have treatment on different days.
Treatment of skin with red LEDs 15-
20 minutes on the first day, 10 minutes on your skin with blue LEDs the next day, and then continue to do so.
LED light therapy is a powerful alternative to improving the skin, helping the skin look younger, healthier, and treating a variety of pain problems.
By doing treatment at home, you are more likely to be consistent and stick to it.
While you will have an initial investment in the long run, you will pay a fraction of what you will pay when you go to a spa or clinic.
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