Have you ever wanted a garden so bad but you don't

by:DGT Lighting     2020-08-02

There are a lot of ways to work around a small garden and still achieving that expansive garden look that you can see in mansions or park. And investing into landscaping and a few garden ornaments is ideal for people with small areas to work with.

But before you go buying and hiring such things you need to plan carefully how you want your garden to be. It has to have uniformity, what kind of plants, what ornaments should you put, how you will arrange it. You cannot just place anything that you might think will look good, it has to be balanced, and since it's a place to relax it must not be chaotic. So, plan it, write it down or hire a landscaping service.

First your garden has to have lush green, so it's preferable to have Bermuda grass on your garden soil, to keep it nice and well kept, an alternative to this if you do not have access to such grass is laying gravel.

Plants - For starters you can utilize the space above your lawn to hang orchids and other aerial plants, usually vines. On the ground, you can either have different flowering plants grouped or you can have a layer of plants, sort of like stairs. But do not focus on getting flowering plants alone, cactuses and shrubs can still provide the same beauty in a garden when used in a right mix. You should also look for a way to control weeds, with them taking up the space your garden will look smaller and the flowers will lose their spotlight.

Ornaments - You would want to pick small ornaments here, such as gnomes, birdbaths, small lamps and lightings. If you want to have a fountain you can opt for wall fountains so they won't take up too much space.

Border - As for this, you will probably prefer to keep your garden open, to create a large atmosphere inside, you can also choose a shrub and a flower bed, or you can place small wooden planks around as a fence.

All in all this should give you a head start on creating your own mini garden, and the last finishing touches should be done by you, so as to make it a presentation of yourself.

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