high efficiency halogen lamps are a better energy efficient lighting option for recessed downlights

by:DGT Lighting     2020-01-29
For many homeowners, especially those with children, the kitchen is the most dynamic --
In the room in the house.
This is a place for parties, a work space, a study area, a place for entertainment, and of course a room to eat together.
Therefore, it is not uncommon for kitchen lights to be turned on for four or more hours a day.
This provides a legitimate opportunity to save money by switching to energy and reduce air pollution and waste from landfill sites
Efficient lighting solutions.
As a source of ambient light and mission light, recessed downlights (\"cans\")
The kitchen is widely used in the United States.
These fixtures push the light down while illuminating an area and working face.
To enable homeowners to increase the atmosphere, they are usually controlled by a dimmer switch.
For homeowners who make small investments in order to reduce their electricity and/or carbon footprint, a simple bulb remodel in their existing kitchen equipment is a smart and simple strategy.
Just remove the existing high wattage (commonly 65-90 watts)
Bulb and insert low wattage eco-
A friendly light that produces an equivalent light output (lumens).
But with two lower-cost sources
Efficient lighting options are available, which one is better in this app? High-
Efficiency halogen lamps beat the compact fluorescent tubes. We studied the problem from multiple perspectives and came to the conclusionin (self-ballasted)
For many obvious options, the CFL Reflector light is a poor energy-
Efficient lighting solutions.
Few consumers are familiar with the new high
Efficiency of halogen lamps (\"HEH\")
They have hit the market in the past few years.
The best of these models have exceeded the energy efficiency requirements of Incandescent Reflector lamps scheduled to take effect on July 2012.
Here we list nine things that we think are high.
Efficiency halogen lamp, pre-controlled
Set the dimmer switch to provide the overall advantage, energy-
The efficient lighting value of the CFLs starts with the most important factor of the electric light source, whether it is energy-efficient or not: light properties. Reason 1 -
Great Light: reason 2-
Excellent illumination: reason 3-
Easy dimming: Reason 4-
Dimming = longer Lamp Life: Reason 5-
Instant opening: Reason 6-Mercury-Free:Reason 7 -
Reliability: reason 8-
Lumen maintenance: the rest of the story-High-
Efficiency halogen lamp is green
Better, real energy.
Efficient Lighting: Note 1 for the previous example.
In order to reduce the lumen output from 15% to a model of 720,40 Watts, it is darkened by 612. 2.
The measurement distance from each light source to the instrument surface of the metering instrument is 50 inch.
The benefits of lighting up energy-
Sometimes, people find the impressive consumer value of efficient lighting in the most unexpected places.
We all selectively install energy.
Efficient lighting in the home and business premises, as it takes advantage of the fact that the cheapest and cleanest kilowatts of electricity were never produced in the first place.
But if bulb buyers focus only on the popular media or follow the prescription of energy star, they will only know to treat the CFL Reflector as an affordable energy source
Their efficient lighting solutions
Use the embedded downlight.
As we said here, exciting new highs
Efficiency of halogen lamps (
Spotlight and floodlight)
The price is usually the same as the high-quality dimmable CFL Reflector, which is excellent energy-
Provide consumers with efficient lighting solutions that value the outstanding light properties, savings, dimming performance and environmental sustainability of the lighting dollar.
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